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30 Day Phto Challenge, Day 23 Sun Flare

I left West Africa just after midnight on Tuesday night.  God's hand of blessing was on my trip in so many ways.

I had wanted to make a quick trip to the Grand Marche to buy some more cloth to start making a quilt as a wedding gift for Suz and Theo (I plan on making one for Daniel and Kelly, too).  But something unexpected came up at the office which took way more time than I thought it would take.  So I didn't leave the office until 1:00 and I still needed to eat lunch and go to the airport for the pre-flight check in.  I decided that even if I had to skip lunch I was still going to the market.  So I went down there and parked a few streets down from the market.  As I was walking towards the market, I saw a cloth shop and decided to go in there.  The seller had piles and piles of cloth already cut into smaller pieces and I found a lot in the color family I wanted.  So I was able to get what I wanted in one shop, with a minimum of time spent, and never even had to go into the market!

After I got through security, I prepared to join the line of those boarding the plane.  A man wearing a badge came up to me and so I showed him my ticket.  He said something to me about peanuts, but I couldn't understand what he was saying.  Then I finally figured out that he was talking about his wife who sells peanuts.  She's sits on the corner of our street and I talk to her every day.  He said he knows I work for "par la priere" (by Prayer...our motto).  Then he said I should follow him.  So he took me into the VIP Lounge of which he is the manager and bought me a drink.

The flight to Paris was good.  It was full, but I got a good seat.  It was probably the quietest night flight I've ever been on and I actually got some sleep.  I got a good laugh when the flight personnel declared in English that "those caught smoking in the toilet will be persecuted."  The breakfast was a teeny, tiny pain au chocolat and a glass of orange juice.  So I ended up spending almost $20.00 in Paris on a proper sized pain au chocolat, a cup of tea, a pen (somebody in Niamey borrowed mine and didn't give it back), and a pack of gum. My time there passed quickly.  I slept a bit, walked around a bit, had my breakfast, walked around some more, read my book, etc.

 The day's photo challenge was a sun flare, so this is a picture I took in the Paris airport.  I like the way it turned out.

The flight from Paris to Cincinnati was only half full, so I was able to grab a row of three seats and I got some sleep on that flight.  The seats were so close together that it would be a miserably uncomfortable flight if the plane were full.  The food was really good on that flight, too.  I was surprised that in Cincinnati you have to go through security to get OUT of the airport, too.  That took so much time and was annoying at that point in the trip.

It sure was good to see Suz and Theo waiting for me there.  Then Mom and Dad had a good meal waiting at home.  Today is Thanksgiving and Mom, Dad, Suz, and I will be sharing it with some friends of my parents.
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