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30 Day Photo Challenge

Suzanne found this on Pinterest.  I decided I'd give it a try.  I don't know if I'll make it through an entire month taking a picture every day, then uploading it to the computer, and then posting it to a blog.  But Suzanne encouraged me to do it, because she said it would be more pictures of me and Dad and where we live, which would make her happy.  So here we go with a month's worth of pictures, which will make Daniel and Suzanne happy if nobody else!
I'm terrible at self-portraits, as Suzanne can tell you.  I always get caught trying to look through my bi-focals because the camera is too close to look at it from the top half of my glasses.  So I just look dorky. So, I cheated today and took this by setting the camera on the timer.

These are taken in my office since that's where I spend my days!

Two of my office walls are dark blue and two are a bluish white.  The curtains are blue and purple, but with the sun shining through they almost look pink.  

This one is a bonus.  Suzanne wanted to see what I'd done with pictures on my desk.  I want to put some more on my bulletin board, too. 

Anybody else want to join me on the 30 day photography challenge?
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