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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 8, A Bad Habit

I really wanted to take a picture of somebody picking their nose.  That's a bad habit, right?  But how am I going to get a picture of that?  And anyway, when you live in a climate of below 10% humidity, face it, everybody picks their nose once in awhile.

So then I thought I'd take a picture of somebody cleaning their ears with their keys.  Yep.  I've seen that.  Again, somebody might think it was kind of strange for me to take a picture of them cleaning out their ears with a key.

Instead, I took a picture of our neighbor who has a very bad habit of running around in circles in our yard squawking his head off, jumping around on our roof where he sounds like he weighs about 30 pounds, and just generally makes a nuisance of himself.  Yes, it's a bird. No, it's not just any ordinary bird.  It's a guinea fowl.  If you've never met one personally, they can be very obnoxious especially early in the morning.  I know this guy is kind of strange.  Usually they are black.  I guess this one must be an albino.  All I know for sure is that he's in danger of having his skinny little neck wrung and of being eaten for dinner.
OK, to make this a little more personal, this is my bad habit. Yeah, I know, it tastes so delicious.  And the Coke they make here in Niger is WAY better than American stuff in a can.  So maybe I just can't help myself that I have a bottle of it a day.  I mean, I do limit myself to one a day. And it's helping the local economy, right? But really, delicious doesn't equal healthy.  I know I don't need the sugar, or the caffeine, or whatever is in it that supposedly eats through nails.  So I am trying to cut down to drinking it twice a week, or at most three times a week.  Last week I had it three times.  And today is my third day in a row without a Coke at all.
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