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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 6, From a low angle

Today's challenge is to take a picture from a low angle.  We have a HUGE tree in our yard and this is what it looks like from the ground looking up.

This is known as a gao tree.  It's scientific name is Faidherbia albida. These trees are interesting in that during the rainy season they don't have a single leaf on them.  When the trees begin to leaf again, you know that the rainy season is drawing to a close.  They then have leaves on them during the long dry season of no rain, making them a favorite shade tree.  When the leaves begin to fall off, you know the rainy season can't be long in coming.
I'm told that it's a nitrogen-fixing tree, which helps fertilize the soil. When its leaves fall off during the rainy season they become organic fertilizer. 

Just to put it in perspective, here's what the tree looks like from a distance.  Our house is the building to the left.

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