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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 4, Something Green

For a long time now I've had a blue theme going on in my living room/dining room.  The last two places where we've lived here in Africa have had one big open room for the dining room and living room, so they've shared a color theme.

Our last living room suite was THE most uncomfortable set of furniture I've ever sat on.  There was no getting comfortable on it!  So we sold it and are having new furniture built.  I went shopping for cloth for the cushions and ended up with....not blue, but green. I got a darker green for the curtains.  I can't wait to get the furniture and the cushions and get the living room set up.  We are using borrowed furniture for now.

John has been trying to get a compost pit dug in the back corner of our yard (that's another story in and of itself!).  But one day he dug up this wine bottle.  I cleaned it up a bit, filled it with water, and stuck this plant in it.  Any other ideas what I could put in it?
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