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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 3, Clouds

Clouds?  What clouds?  We don't have clouds at this time of year. When I took these pictures, around 3 p.m.,  it was 102 degrees and 7% humidity.  It is currently, at 9:00 p.m., 88 degrees and 16% humidity.  By morning it will be about 75 degrees and 20-something% humidity.  You just don't get many clouds with weather like that!  There were a few white wisps of high-altitude clouds if you look closely.  This time of year it's pretty easy to predict the weather....sun's gonna shine, it's gonna get hot, but the night will be pleasantly cool.  o% chance of rain.

Our weather here in Niger has a long dry season, and then a shorter rainy season.  The dry season runs from October through May.  October is still pretty humid from the end of the rainy season, and the humidity begins to build again in May.  But from November through April, we like to say that if you could have negative humidity readings, we'd have them.  
Then from June through September we have our rainy season.  At first it will only rain every other week or so. These first rains are usually accompanied by violent dust storms.  Now THAT's a cloud to see! (No, this picture wasn't taken today.  It was taken several years ago in our village where we used to live.)  Then it comes at once a week intervals, and then climaxes to every third day or so.  We'll often have a week or two in August when it will rain every day, but only rarely all day.  

This year's rainy season was terrible in this part of the country.  Tera was especially devastated by the lack of rain.  Somebody from there recently told us that farmers who usually get 100 bundles of millet will only get 10 this year.  It's really sad to see.
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