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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 2, What You Wore Today

OK, how many days dealing with what I look like?  Enough already!

Today I wore one of my favorite skirts.  It's a favorite because it's so comfortable more than anything else.  I usually wear this top with it, though I have a plain blue shirt I wear with it sometimes, too.

As with at least half of my clothes, I got both the skirt and the top at a thrift store.  So the price was good!

Oh yes, and I wear a skirt or dress every single day of the week (except sometimes on Saturday I wear whatever I want because I stay in my house all day).  Slacks are not considered modest here, so I don't wear them.  I often wear an African outfit instead of a more western one.  Unlike when we lived in the village, I don't often wear a headscarf.

And whenever I wear this outfit, I think of my sister.  Her favorite pattern is paisley, and both the skirt and the shirt have a paisley design on them.
And take a look at what the dirt here does to white shoes!  Amazingly the top part is still white.