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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 19, Something Orange

I had to really look to find something orange!  I don't usually wear orange.  First it isn't my favorite color and secondly my skin tends to have yellow tones so I don't think I look good in oranges or yellows.
I do have one outfit that is turquoise with orange flowers appliqued on it.  I wear an orange scarf with it and interestingly enough I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.  I guess there's enough turquoise that the orange doesn't look overwhelming.

Our bedspread -- which is in a box which was supposed to have arrived on the container but didn't -- has quite a bit of orange in it.  So we painted three walls of our bedroom blue with an accent wall of orange.  So here you are with my orange appliqued outfit and scarf and our orange wall.
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