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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 17, Technology

Not being very technologically minded, today's challenge is a bit of a challenge.  One bit of technology I can't live without is my computer....both personal and at work.  At work, when the power goes off, there is next to nothing I can do.  Rearrange a few files, maybe.  At home, my laptop at least has a battery so I can do some things for a few hours.  Hopefully the new generator at the office will soon be operational.  The work crew has spent a lot of time getting it installed, for which we are most grateful!

Computers are necessary for missionaries.  I use mine to keep in touch with family, supporters and prayer partners.  I occasionally play games on it...Scrabble, Mah Johng, and Bejeweled being my favorites.  I kept track of our expenditures on it.  I use it as a telephone.  Since I have a Skype number I can actually call telephones on my computer.    I create brochures, newsletters, and power points on it.  All of the Bible stories and Bible studies we translated were typed and are stored on our computer.  Indeed it's a handy tool!

In spite of that, I'd rather receive a "real" letter any day.  I think real letters take more thought and more time.  Therefore it seems like people are sending more of themselves with a letter.  I know I've gotten out of the habit of sending hand-written letters.  For one thing postage is so expensive here.  For another for awhile the US had banned mail from Niger since somebody tried to send meat through the mail service. And then there's the time it takes to write a letter.  I do have a goal of writing a hand-written letter to Daniel and Suzanne once a month.
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