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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 10, A Childhood Memory

If you're supposed to use a picture you took today, how can it be a childhood memory?  So I guess the idea is to take a picture of something that evokes a childhood memory.

So here we go. This is the old generator at the office being removed and this is the new one that will take it's place. Today we had a seven-hour power outage, which means no work got done at the office.  So this new generator will be wonderful to have!

You may be wondering how this brings up a childhood memory!  Well, when I was a kid growing up in Igbaja in Nigeria, we didn't have electricity.  The mission station had a huge old my mind it was big enough to take up a building....but maybe it was just a shack!  Basically they ran it from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., which meant everybody had an enforced curfew.  The lights would blink, giving a five or ten minute warning that the lights were going to go off.  If you planned to stay up late and read or whatever, it was time to light the lanterns!  

Occasionally they would start up the generator during the day if they needed to do recording in the studio.  My parents said on those days somebody would start up their electric coffee pot and inevitably neighbors would end up dropping by for an impromptu coffee break.  Not being a fan of coffee, I can't say that I remember that!

Everybody had two kitchens and two stoves.  The "back kitchen" had the wood stove in it and was used mostly for boiling all our drinking water, though some baking was done there.  The house kitchen must have had a gas (butane) stove, but I don't remember details like that!  I think we had a kerosene fridge.  We did not have ceiling fans or any kind of fans and we lived in an area of Nigeria that was very hot and humid.  At night, especially in March, April, and October it would be so hot I could hardly sleep.  My mom would come in and rub my back and tell me that if I laid real still I'd feel a breeze.  Some times it was true....if you quit thrashing around you really did feel the breeze coming in the window.  But sometimes it just didn't happen!  
In spite of the heat, it was a childhood that I would not have traded for anything! 

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