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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 27, Long Distance Shot

I missed doing Day 27 because it was raining.  In fact it rained for three days, ending with snow on the evening of the 3rd day.  The snow did stick, but by this morning it was gone.  Today the sun came out and it was beautiful even though it was cold.

My parents live in a town, but here in southern Ohio you are never far away from a corn field or a soybean field. This farm can be seen from a block away from their house.

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 29, Black and White

Today's photo challenge is a black and white picture.  I know that I have a black and white setting on my camera, but it's not obvious where it's at.  So I just used photo shop to change my picture into a black and white one.  

The cat found a new favorite spot on the book shelf.  I'm not sure why she likes it.  Maybe she can survey her world better from here.

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 28, Flowers

If you are alert, you'll see I skipped Day 27.  I have a picture in mind for that one, but I need to go outside and it's been raining for two days.  I'm not taking my camera out in the rain!  So I'll come back to that one when the rain stops.

Today's challenge is flowers.  My dad bought my mom flowers today.  Six red roses.  Aren't they beautiful?

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 26, Close-up

Suzanne and I saw a cute idea on Pinterest for making a scarf out of old t-shirts.  So on Saturday we went to Goodwill and bought an armful of old t-shirts.  We then followed the directions and the scarves came out pretty good.  Suzanne found a ghastly tie-dye t-shirt that she turned into a beautiful scarf.  Amazing how something tacky can become a great fashion accessory.
  We even made one for the cat but she wasn't impressed.

Today's close-up is the pile of cut up pieces of t-shirt. And here's a close-up shot of Suzanne's wedding invitations we've been working on.

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 25, Something Pink

Like the color orange, I just don't have much that is pink.  I have one skirt that is completely pink and one with a lot of pink in it.  That's it for pink clothes and I don't have pink in my house at all.

I'm at my parents' house and they do have a couch with some pink highlights in it.  Here it is.  Suzanne is working on her wedding invitations here.

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 24, Animal

Today I was privileged to have Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, Suzanne, and some Nigerian friends of my parents'.  My niece-in-law's cat is here, so today's pictures are of her.  She is one spoiled animal!  Mom's chair is by the gas fireplace and Sparkles has claimed Mom and her chair and the fireplace as her own special property.  Suzanne has also been doing the Photo Challenge, and hers for today also happens to be Sparkles.  Check it out at Darza go Irikoy gaa.

30 Day Phto Challenge, Day 23 Sun Flare

I left West Africa just after midnight on Tuesday night.  God's hand of blessing was on my trip in so many ways.

I had wanted to make a quick trip to the Grand Marche to buy some more cloth to start making a quilt as a wedding gift for Suz and Theo (I plan on making one for Daniel and Kelly, too).  But something unexpected came up at the office which took way more time than I thought it would take.  So I didn't leave the office until 1:00 and I still needed to eat lunch and go to the airport for the pre-flight check in.  I decided that even if I had to skip lunch I was still going to the market.  So I went down there and parked a few streets down from the market.  As I was walking towards the market, I saw a cloth shop and decided to go in there.  The seller had piles and piles of cloth already cut into smaller pieces and I found a lot in the color family I wanted.  So I was able to get what I wanted in one shop, with a minimum of time spent, and never even had to go into the m…

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 22, Hands

I love my husband's hands.  They are both strong and gentle.  He is so helpful to me.  Neither of us are wild about doing dishes, but he does them for me several times a week and always on Sunday.  These are his hands doing the dishes.

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 21, Faceless Self Portrait

OK, if I were trying to take a self-portrait with my face in it, I'd miss my face every time.  But try to take a self-portrait without my face in it, and I get it in every time.  I finally resorted to using the timer again.

Here I am packing my suitcase for tomorrow ....night, actually Wednesday morning.

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 20, Bokeh

Just in case you are reading my blog but aren't really a photographer, or, like me, you love photography and are trying to learn more, you might not know what bokeh is.  It is the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light.  I think it's a cool photographic effect, though not always that easy to achieve.  It is a Japanese word.

My picture today is of some lantana flowers growing in our yard.  You can see the bokeh in the background.  Growing up at boarding school in Miango, the hill behind the boys' dorm, known as Mt. Sanderson, was covered with lantana.  I think we considered them a weed as they grew wild and profusely.  At certain times of year, they have little green seeds, that later turn black or bluish.  We would take the little seeds, put them in empty bic pens, and blow the seeds at each other.  They delivered quite a sting upon impact.  When the bushes flowered, the hill would be covered with yellow and pink flowers.  The odor of lantana is unmistakable.

Now …

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 19, Something Orange

I had to really look to find something orange!  I don't usually wear orange.  First it isn't my favorite color and secondly my skin tends to have yellow tones so I don't think I look good in oranges or yellows.

I do have one outfit that is turquoise with orange flowers appliqued on it.  I wear an orange scarf with it and interestingly enough I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.  I guess there's enough turquoise that the orange doesn't look overwhelming.

Our bedspread -- which is in a box which was supposed to have arrived on the container but didn't -- has quite a bit of orange in it.  So we painted three walls of our bedroom blue with an accent wall of orange.  So here you are with my orange appliqued outfit and scarf and our orange wall.

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 18, My Shoes

I had such a crazy day the past two days that I didn't post yesterday.  Suzanne seemed to be getting better, but then got sick again.  So we've decided that I should go back to the USA to help her out a bit and try to be an encouragement to her.  I will be leaving on Wednesday morning and there is a lot to be done between now and then.  I wanted to go for two weeks, but it's ended up to be a month.  It was half the price to buy tickets for that length of time than it was to buy for a few weeks.

So yesterday's photo challenge was "My Shoes".  Well, I don't have many, that's for sure!  Basically I have black sandals, white sandals, and brown sandals, tennis shoes, red Toms,  a pair of dressy black shoes, and black flats.  Oh and flip-flops which didn't get in the picture because they were on my feet.  Actually, in a country where most people own one pair of cheap flip-flops, then seven pairs of shoes PLUS flip-flops are a lot of shoes!

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 17, Technology

Not being very technologically minded, today's challenge is a bit of a challenge.  One bit of technology I can't live without is my computer....both personal and at work.  At work, when the power goes off, there is next to nothing I can do.  Rearrange a few files, maybe.  At home, my laptop at least has a battery so I can do some things for a few hours.  Hopefully the new generator at the office will soon be operational.  The work crew has spent a lot of time getting it installed, for which we are most grateful!

Computers are necessary for missionaries.  I use mine to keep in touch with family, supporters and prayer partners.  I occasionally play games on it...Scrabble, Mah Johng, and Bejeweled being my favorites.  I kept track of our expenditures on it.  I use it as a telephone.  Since I have a Skype number I can actually call telephones on my computer.    I create brochures, newsletters, and power points on it.  All of the Bible stories and Bible studies we translated were ty…

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 16, Long Exposure

This is our side of a duplex.  It used to be one apartment and half of another.  It's kind of a strange shaped place, but it's our place, and there's no place like home.  Looks like the lights are on and nobody's home.  

I took these a couple of nights ago when we were out, just for the fun of it.  I knew they wouldn't really work out since we were moving and it was dark.  This is the lights of the new bridge taken from the old bridge and some of it is reflection in the water.

This last one I took stopped at the round about waiting our turn to go around.

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 15, a Silhouette

Here in West Africa the moon is really bright.  This is a picture of a tree and the corner of our house silhouetted against the setting moon.  Even though it was not full and was setting, it was still bright.  When the moon is full, you have no need for a flashlight.  I have even read outside by the light of the moon.  When we lived in the village and slept outside we would have a hard time falling asleep because it felt like somebody had left the light on.  I like how you can actually see the stars in these pictures. The green light at the bottom center of this picture is the neighbor's porch light....not sure why it looks green, though.  And yes, I usually get up while it is still dark out.  This picture was taken around 5:30 a.m.  And yes, I also take a nap later in the day! :)

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 14, Eyes

I don't really like pictures of just eyes.  They seem to me like they are missing something.  Kind of like a dismembered body part.  I've often heard the expression "eyes are the window to the soul".  But they are windows, meant to look into something or out from something.  They aren't meant to just be all by themselves without the person attached!

Still, I've always loved these eyes.  Can you guess to whom they belong?  It shouldn't be too hard!

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 13, Me and 13 Things

I like to have something special for breakfast on Sunday morning.  Sometimes I'll make something on Saturday; sometimes we'll go buy pain au chocolat (choco pain au lah as Suzanne used to call it when she was little); or I'll get up early enough to make something.  This morning I got up and made Jiffy Cinnamon Rolls.    This is not exactly a flattering picture, but it was Sunday morning, so what do you expect?

The 13 things are:  
1.  flour
2.  sugar
3.  baking powder
4.  salt
5.  margarine
6.  milk
7.  brown sugar
8.  raisins (actually, I think they were currants)
9.  a bowl
10. a muffin pan
11. a wooden spoon
12. cinnamon
13. my home-made cookbook (ok, it's behind me and didn't quite make it into the picture.

Here's the recipe:
In large bowl, mix:
2 cups flour
2 Tablespoons sugar
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
(Or you can use Bisquick or prepared biscuit dough if you live in a country where such things are available.  I don't!)

Cut in until crumbly:
1/4 cup butter or…

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 12, Sunset

Where we live it is really hard to get a picture of the sunset.  We have a lot of trees in our yard and are surrounded by walls and other houses.  So pretty much we just don't see the sunset.

But tonight we went across the river to the school for a Harvest Festival.  We timed it just right to catch the sunset over the river. To our advantage was the fact that a truck had broken down and was causing the traffic to move across the bridge at a snail's pace. So here are a few pictures of tonight's sunset, and it was a beautiful one!

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 11, Something Blue

Our bedroom is blue....well, mostly blue.  Last week the container arrived with some of the things we had shipped. We got the pillow shams, but not the bedspread.  Hopefully it will arrive some time!  We got three out of four of the curtain panels.  So my bedroom isn't really finished.  But I found this blue blanket we've had since we got married and it doesn't look too bad as a bedspread.

To the left of the door is our dresser and wardrobe.  That's about all that fits in our room!

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 10, A Childhood Memory

If you're supposed to use a picture you took today, how can it be a childhood memory?  So I guess the idea is to take a picture of something that evokes a childhood memory.

So here we go. This is the old generator at the office being removed and this is the new one that will take it's place. Today we had a seven-hour power outage, which means no work got done at the office.  So this new generator will be wonderful to have!

You may be wondering how this brings up a childhood memory!  Well, when I was a kid growing up in Igbaja in Nigeria, we didn't have electricity.  The mission station had a huge old my mind it was big enough to take up a building....but maybe it was just a shack!  Basically they ran it from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., which meant everybody had an enforced curfew.  The lights would blink, giving a five or ten minute warning that the lights were going to go off.  If you planned to stay up late and read or whatever, it was time to light the lanterns!�…

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 9, Someone I Love

The people I love most in the world are my family members.  Most of them don't live on this side of the ocean, so I can't really take their pictures.  Of course, the one I love MOST is John! I didn't take this picture today, I must admit.  I took it last week.  It is a picture of my husband planting cilantro, parsley, and tomatoes for me.  He's so good to me!  And here's hoping everything grows.

These two beautiful ladies, Fati and Ouma, are some others that I love. They work with me at the office.  Fati is the receptionist.  She noticed that every morning I went into the "kitchen" to make hot water for tea.  So now she makes the hot water and brings me a cup of hot water for my tea every morning.  I feel like an executive or something!  Both ladies have hearts of service and joyous smiles.  They are a privilege to work with.  This picture is from today.

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 8, A Bad Habit

I really wanted to take a picture of somebody picking their nose.  That's a bad habit, right?  But how am I going to get a picture of that?  And anyway, when you live in a climate of below 10% humidity, face it, everybody picks their nose once in awhile.

So then I thought I'd take a picture of somebody cleaning their ears with their keys.  Yep.  I've seen that.  Again, somebody might think it was kind of strange for me to take a picture of them cleaning out their ears with a key.

Instead, I took a picture of our neighbor who has a very bad habit of running around in circles in our yard squawking his head off, jumping around on our roof where he sounds like he weighs about 30 pounds, and just generally makes a nuisance of himself.  Yes, it's a bird. No, it's not just any ordinary bird.  It's a guinea fowl.  If you've never met one personally, they can be very obnoxious especially early in the morning.  I know this guy is kind of strange.  Usually they are bla…

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 7, Fruit

One of my favorite tropical fruits are guavas.  I don't like the smell so much, and especially not the way the smell of them makes everything else in your fridge taste like guavas.  But I do like the taste of them and they are very nutritious. I prefer the pink variety over the white ones, though I did get a few white ones in this bunch.  It's pretty much impossible to tell them apart from the outside.

I will also take this chance to do a tutorial on making guava jam since that's what I spent much of my morning doing.  First, slice off the ends and then cut each guava into quarters.  Put the pieces in a saucepan and add just a little water.  Cover the pan with a lid, then simmer on a medium heat, stirring often, cooking until the guavas are soft.  It helps to break them up with a wooden spoon and even to mash them with a potato masher.

When the guavas are cooked down, let them cool a bit.  Then put the soft guavas, a little at a time, into a Foley food mill.  I've had …

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 6, From a low angle

Today's challenge is to take a picture from a low angle.  We have a HUGE tree in our yard and this is what it looks like from the ground looking up.

This is known as a gao tree.  It's scientific name is Faidherbia albida. These trees are interesting in that during the rainy season they don't have a single leaf on them.  When the trees begin to leaf again, you know that the rainy season is drawing to a close.  They then have leaves on them during the long dry season of no rain, making them a favorite shade tree.  When the leaves begin to fall off, you know the rainy season can't be long in coming.
I'm told that it's a nitrogen-fixing tree, which helps fertilize the soil. When its leaves fall off during the rainy season they become organic fertilizer. 

Just to put it in perspective, here's what the tree looks like from a distance.  Our house is the building to the left.