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Another Engagement!

On Saturday our son, Daniel, proposed to his girlfriend, Kelly.  And, of course, she said "Yes!"!!  We think the world of Kelly and feel that they are well-suited to each other.  The miles separating us seem longer at times like this.  Daniel called right away (we knew it was happening this weekend), but the connection was bad.  I could hear him fine, but he couldn't hear me at all.  Later he and Kelly were able to skype with me....I could see a blurry representation of their faces and of the ring, but nothing ever really came into focus. I can vouch that there is a ring on her finger, anyway!  This is a picture my brother-in-law took with his iPhone.

Here are a few pictures of the couple I took in May.

The greatest joy parents can have is not to see their children happy, because sorrows and hard times WILL come into their lives.  If all we've taught them is that we want them to be happy, they will be miserable people when life doesn't deal them the hand they think they are entitled to.  It is not to see them successful or rich because those things don't satisfy in the long run.  It is to see them applying biblical principals and following the Lord with all their hearts.  I am filled with joy when I see my children choosing the path of faith.  And, believe me, I take no credit for it.  In spite of my failings as a parent, in spite of my strengths as a parent, in spite of everything, they have chosen to let God work in their lives.

And I think that the 2nd greatest joy for a parent is to see their children marry others who have also chosen the way of faith.  Kelly is such a woman and Theo, Suzanne's fiance, is such a man.

Thank you, Jesus.