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Home Again

The beginning of the trip:  looking bright and chipper.

Waiting for our flight at JFK.  Still looking bright and chipper.
Our trip back to Africa was interesting, as usual.  Our flight was slightly delayed boarding.  Once we got on there was an incident of a woman yelling at a man about all his carry-ons.  Later on we realized they were a couple!

Sunset in Morocco.  We had two over-night flights, but thankfully we had a day room at a nice hotel in Casa Blanca.

No sooner did everybody get settled on board, but a thunderstorm came up.  That meant we just sat in the plane and didn't leave the gate for over two hours.  They didn't turn on any air, so it got hotter and hotter in the plane.  A bunch of people flipped out and went to the front of the plane and started yelling and shouting.  We're not sure if they were demanding to be let off or just demanding air.  Shortly after that, they did turn on the air and we moved away from the gate.  It was a bit disturbing to all the passengers.  We once sat in an airplane at the same airport for six hours, so two to three hours seemed pretty good to us!
No longer so bright and chipper!
We did arrive safely at our final destination in spite of adventures with people with numerous carry-ons on our second flight.  I'm sure that plane was way overloaded!  We got to our apartment at about 5:30 a.m.and went straight to bed.

Since then we've had a lot of momentous events take place!  I've started work, going in a few hours a day,  a couple of days a week just to keep up with things.  We've rearranged furniture in our apartment, have gotten the apartment painted, and have been unpacking and organizing things (Now is as good a time as any to get rid of stuff we don't really need!).  But the most exciting event by far is what happened last Saturday night at the sand dunes!  Theo asked Suzanne to marry him, and, of course, she accepted!  She is now wearing a gorgeous diamond ring and we've been spending a lot of our time looking up stuff on line and even shopping for some of the things we want for the wedding.  The story of the engagement is Suzanne's to tell, so if you want the details you'll need to read her version of the story at her blog.
Leaping into life together.
We've also purchased a used car, got the air cargo stuff (John's keyboard), and made a trip to the town where we used to live.  But all of that is for another blog.
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