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Hiking in Ricketts Glen

Ricketts Glen State Park in North East Pennsylvania (approximately located between Wilkes Barre and Williamsport) is an amazingly beautiful place.  Every time I go there, my reaction is, wow, God is amazing.  Who but God could have created such an amazing place.  Thankfully, people are also careful to not dump their trash everywhere and so it is a clean place as well.

When John and I decided to take 10 days off, we had Ricketts Glen on our list of things to do.  Then Suz and Theo came home for the weekend with a crew of other counselors and said they wanted to go to Ricketts Glen.  We asked if they minded if we went the same day, so last Wednesday we went there.  We ended up with three cars of people and essentially divided into two groups.  The bigger group wanted to hike the entire Falls Trail which ends up being over seven miles of challenging hiking. It's not like you need ropes or anything, but it is steep and very rocky.  We (John, me, Suz, Theo, and one of Suz's friends) decided to do the top half of the trail, so we hiked about five miles.
This is the path.  Kind of like life....nobody said it would be smooth or easy!

You have to watch every step you take which is frustrating because you also want to watch the scenery.  Every time you come to a waterfall, you have to stop just to take in the beauty. There are 22 waterfalls if you do the entire hike.  Some of them have pools at the base where those who like frigid water can take off their shoes and socks and get into the water.  

Back at the top we had a picnic.  We had told the other group to meet there at noon, but that time frame got all messed up.  We crossed paths with them as they were going up and we were still going down, so we thought they'd be at the picnic area impatiently waiting for us (the food was in our car!).  So when we finally got back to the picnic place we didn't know how we'd ever find them as it's a big area and there were a lot of people around (there is also a lake there for swimming).  Theo said we should just take the food and claim a table and then look for them.  So he lead us off to the side to an empty table he saw.  As we rounded the trees, guess who was at the table next to the one we were headed to!  We honestly didn't see them until we were almost on top of them.  So that was a God thing that He led us right to them.  They had only been there about five minutes.

After lunch a few people got in the lake.  The other group started hiking back down.  But we were done hiking and went home as Suz, Theo, and their friend needed to get back to camp by 6:00.