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Sailing Away

We have a supporter who owns a sailboat and who loves to sail.  He offers to take us sailing whenever we're around and we're happy to take him up on the offer.  It's always a relaxing, fun day and this time was no exception.

Suzanne and Theo got to go with us this time.  We weren't out a long time because thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon.  Without further comment, here are some pictures of our day out.

When we got back to shore, our friend suggested that we go to the Submarine Museum.  I had never been there and found it very interesting, though we didn't have enough time to look at everything.  The most interesting thing was looking through the periscopes and touring the USS Nautilus.  

Our next "sailing" expedition will be tomorrow as we sail through the clouds towards our other home in Africa.  It will be good to be back, but at the same time it will be hard to say good-bye to our kids.  We got to see Daniel last weekend and Suzanne…

If I Were Rich and Famous

As you know, John and I did a "staycation" this year.  On one of the last days of our break, we went to Milford, PA to visit Grey Towers.  Grey Towers was the summer home of the Pinchot family.  James and Mary Pinchot made their fortune in the wallpaper business.  They also cleared the hills of NE Pennsylvania of their trees, shipped them down river, and sold the logs for lumber and the cleared land to farmers.  The Pinchots fashioned their family home to be exactly like LaGrange, the country estate of Lafayette, located in France.

James and Mary's son, Gifford, along with his wife Cornelia, inherited the family home.  With the encouragement of James, Gifford studied forestry and became the founder of the USDA Forestry Service.  He also served two different terms as the governor of Pennsylvania.  His wife was active in the suffragette movement and both Gifford and Cornelia promoted prohibition.

Here are some shots of the inside of the mansion, which the Giffords referred t…

Hiking in Ricketts Glen

Ricketts Glen State Park in North East Pennsylvania (approximately located between Wilkes Barre and Williamsport) is an amazingly beautiful place.  Every time I go there, my reaction is, wow, God is amazing.  Who but God could have created such an amazing place.  Thankfully, people are also careful to not dump their trash everywhere and so it is a clean place as well.

When John and I decided to take 10 days off, we had Ricketts Glen on our list of things to do.  Then Suz and Theo came home for the weekend with a crew of other counselors and said they wanted to go to Ricketts Glen.  We asked if they minded if we went the same day, so last Wednesday we went there.  We ended up with three cars of people and essentially divided into two groups.  The bigger group wanted to hike the entire Falls Trail which ends up being over seven miles of challenging hiking. It's not like you need ropes or anything, but it is steep and very rocky.  We (John, me, Suz, Theo, and one of Suz's friends…

An Early Anniversary Celebration

Our anniversary is not until August 16th.  This year will be the big 25 year celebration....our SILVER wedding anniversary.  Does this mean we are getting old?  Or just better?

Suzanne and my friend, Sharon, decided to throw a surprise party for us.  Sharon invited us over for a picnic on July 5th....a delayed 4th of July picnic, she said.  We had to do it on the 5th and not the 4th because Suzanne and Theo and Sharon's son, who works at the same camp as Suz and Theo, would not have the 4th off.  I asked her what I could bring and she said whatever I wanted, so I made mac & cheese (if she said nothing I might have gotten suspicious).  We were supposed to get there at 6, and it was pretty close to 6 when we walked out the door.  Theo made a comment about walking to there.  I said it's possible, but it would take too long.  I was also thinking how difficult it would be carrying hot pans of mac & cheese.  There were three other girls and a guy staying with us, so we said w…

Enjoying our "Staycation"

John has been working non-stop on his doctoral studies for over a year now.  And while we were in Maryland he taught nearly a full load at the Bible College.  So I told him that when he got back from England he had to take 10 days off with absolutely no work being done on his doctorate.  

Not only has he been working so hard, but we also return to Niger the end of this month.  So we want to be rested up as we know we'll hit the ground running once we get there.

We are just staying home since we live in a beautiful restful place, don't have money to travel or stay anywhere else, and John doesn't feel like doing more traveling right now.  So we've planned out some fun things to do around here.  

On Saturday we walked around Lake Scranton.  It's a 3.5 trail, and I didn't feel like taking my camera with me.  Here is an old postcard of Lake Scranton.  While I walked around, John ran.  Then he started around a 2nd time, but when he caught up to me he walked the rest of …