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Random Thoughts on This and That

John has been gone for almost six weeks.  He'll be home on Thursday.  Yeah!!!!  Six weeks is a long time to be apart. But I've managed to keep myself occupied and haven't just sat around moping.  It's not in my personality to do that, anyway.  Also, I was told once that only boring people get bored.  Between work and my own projects, bored is not one of my problems.  So I guess that makes me an interesting person! :)

One of my big projects has been scanning and digitalizing my late father-in-law's slides.  I worked on this project all winter and thought I was done.  Then in May when we went to my mother-in-law's house, she had found a whole bunch more slides.  So this past six weeks I worked hard to finish those.  I breathed a sigh of relief to have that project done....then this past weekend I went back and found a few more!  It has been an enjoyable project, really.  My FIL traveled widely.  He and my MIL worked in Turkey for four years.  While there he traveled to Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Greece, and all over Turkey.  Then they spent two years in Nigeria when my husband was young.  So he has some very interesting slides.  Here are a few of my favorites:
A village mosque with the Emadag Mountains in the distance

Inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

A street scene in Jerusalem

ceiling of main arch Masjede Sah, Isfahan, Iran

Masjede Sah, Isfahan, Iran

A shaking minaret.  This mosque has two minarets and somehow climbing one makes them both shake.  But it is still standing, 50 years after this picture was taken and probably since hundereds of years before it was taken.

The Olympian in Athens, Greece

I can't find the title for this one, but I believe it was in Ephesus.
As I was scanning these I found I needed to do a lot of color correction because they had turned strange hues of blue or red.  Then I would also get distracted by looking up stuff on the internet about the pictures.  I found this one very interesting. This was the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, a Roman Catholic church in Tripoli, Libya in 1960.  I looked it up on the internet and found that when Khadaffi staged a coup in 1972, this church was turned into a mosque.  This is what it looks like today:   

And while we're on the subject of the Middle East (I told you this was a very random post!)  I highly recommend this article in Christianity Today: 
I really want to get this book now.
Also while on the subject of my late father-in-law.....He was an avid coin collector.  Some of the coins he had were left from their days in Nigeria.  Many of the British West Africa coins had holes in the center so they could be strung on a string for safe-keeping.  My very creative sister-in-law turned some of these coins into jewelry. She also made jewelry out of some of his old keys. Here is what mine looks like:
By the way, if anybody can tell me why there's a star of David on the British West African coins, I'd appreciate it!  I tried to find some information and there are several theories out there but I'm not sure that any of them are based on facts.

Last week I went to Connecticut to visit my mother-in-law and to see my brother and sister-in-law who came up from Oklahoma.  I was privileged to attend the graduation of my nephew while there.
He's the tall one right in the middle.
He was part of a class of over 400 students.  We were in the "nose-bleed" section of the building (thankfully his parents got good seats).  Here's what our view looked like. Thankfully we could see well by looking at the big screens.  All these little symbols after his name means he had a lot of accomplishments!  Afterwards I got this nice picture of Seth and his two grandmas.  I am taller than his grandma on the left and shorter than the one on the right, so you get an idea of how tall he really is.  I am so proud of him....for his academic accomplishments, his athletic abilities, but especially his stand for Christ.  You can see proof of this in his acceptance speech of his athletic scholarship for Princeton University which you can watch here. 
I'm not a fan of football, but suddenly I think I'll become interested in the Princeton football team!

One more random thing.  I enjoy doing counted cross-stitch.  I finished this project awhile back, but hadn't gotten it framed yet.  Here is the final product.
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