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Waging War on Rodents

We are back in Pennsylvania.  We are staying in the same house we've lived in every home assignment since Suzanne was 4 years old. We love it here.  It is so quiet and peaceful.

Until the evening when the mice come out to play. They are not even afraid of us....or they are too dumb to notice us.  We have seen them run out from the drawer in the bottom of the stove.  From under the burners on the top of the stove.  Across the kitchen counter.  Practically right over my feet at my desk.  And in the TV room.  We have heard them scurrying around behind the fridge.
So, we decided to declare war.  We set two traps.  One on top of the stove and one right in front of the stove.

The first night after we set them I went to bed.  Sometime in the night I heard the trap snap.  Then I heard it flopping all over.  Finally there was silence and I thought, "Good.  He's dead."  When I came out in the morning the trap that was on top of the stove was laying on the floor and there was no mouse in it.

So we set them again.  A few nights later I heard it snap.  Then I heard it thrashing around the kitchen and again silence.  "Good," I thought. "He's dead."  When I came out in the morning the mouse trap in front of the stove was gone.  It was no where to be found.  I searched high and low and finally I found it way back along the side of the fridge.  I got a broom and finally managed to pull the mouse trap out.  But, you've got it, no mouse.

A few nights later, Suzanne and I were watching TV when we heard the trap snap.  Then the flopping started.  We came running to the kitchen and there he was lying there in the trap, bleeding from the nose.  We thought we'd have to watch a slow and painful death.  But upon closer examination we realized it was only his paw caught in the trap.  When it snapped it had hit him on the face, causing the bleeding, but he wasn't mortally wounded.  So, you know what I did?  I took the easy way out.  I took him outside and let him go.  I couldn't just kill him!

Finally early one morning I heard the trap go again.  This time I came out in the morning, and a mouse was in the trap on top of the stove.  Poor little thing.  But he really was good and dead.  I haven't heard or seen any since, but the traps are still set, just in case.

Here's Suzanne's foot protection so she doesn't step on the trap....her Dad's big shoes.
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