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Random Thoughts on This and That

John has been gone for almost six weeks.  He'll be home on Thursday.  Yeah!!!!  Six weeks is a long time to be apart. But I've managed to keep myself occupied and haven't just sat around moping.  It's not in my personality to do that, anyway.  Also, I was told once that only boring people get bored.  Between work and my own projects, bored is not one of my problems.  So I guess that makes me an interesting person! :)

One of my big projects has been scanning and digitalizing my late father-in-law's slides.  I worked on this project all winter and thought I was done.  Then in May when we went to my mother-in-law's house, she had found a whole bunch more slides.  So this past six weeks I worked hard to finish those.  I breathed a sigh of relief to have that project done....then this past weekend I went back and found a few more!  It has been an enjoyable project, really.  My FIL traveled widely.  He and my MIL worked in Turkey for four years.  While there he travel…

Thoughts on The Cruelest Journey

One of my blogging friends recently had a post reviewing the book The Cruelest Journey by Kira Salak, which you can read here at "Our Wrighting Pad".Her review got me interested in the book, so I checked it out of the local public library.

The book relates the story of Ms. Salak's kayak trip down part of the Niger River, from Segou in Mali to Timbuktu (yes, it's a real place). In some ways I cannot relate to Ms. Salak's story as I don't go in any kind of water craft that might possibly tip over, don't like deep water, and would not travel that distance alone.  But as she interacts with parts of the culture, I find myself identifying with her.  I love to read about different cultures and people's interactions with other cultures.  I also love to read anything about West Africa.

As she travels, she often spends the night in villages.  At the beginning people are friendly and open, but the closer she draws to Timbuktu, the more demanding people become for…

The Ways God Answers Prayer

When we were in Maryland, we had a guest speaker at our church.  He spoke about prayer and shared an illustration I loved.  He said that we pray for something, anything, that we desperately need an answer to.  He said, let's call that prayer 2+5.  So we pray for 2+5.  "Lord, please give me 2+5.  Lord, please answer this prayer.  Lord, 2+5 is not outside your will, so please answer.  Lord, we desperately need 2+5."  And we pray in faith, knocking and knocking on heaven's door.  And then the Lord answers, but sometimes he gives us 3+4 or 9-2 or 70 divided by 10 or 100-93.  And if we're not careful, we totally miss the answer because it came to us in a way totally unexpected and usually more wonderful than we ever could have imagined.

The example he gave was that his church was going to open a Day Care Center to meet the needs of families in the area.  But when the building was inspected, the Fire Marshal told them they had to have electronic smoke detectors....about…

Waging War on Rodents

We are back in Pennsylvania.  We are staying in the same house we've lived in every home assignment since Suzanne was 4 years old. We love it here.  It is so quiet and peaceful.

Until the evening when the mice come out to play. They are not even afraid of us....or they are too dumb to notice us.  We have seen them run out from the drawer in the bottom of the stove.  From under the burners on the top of the stove.  Across the kitchen counter.  Practically right over my feet at my desk.  And in the TV room.  We have heard them scurrying around behind the fridge.

So, we decided to declare war.  We set two traps.  One on top of the stove and one right in front of the stove.

The first night after we set them I went to bed.  Sometime in the night I heard the trap snap.  Then I heard it flopping all over.  Finally there was silence and I thought, "Good.  He's dead."  When I came out in the morning the trap that was on top of the stove was laying on the floor and there was no…