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College Graduation

Wow.  Was it only four years ago that Daniel was graduating from high school and now he's graduated from college?!
Graduation at Cedarville was quite the event.  Daniel's Grandpa and Grandma Hall were able to be here as well as us.  Graduation started at 10 and we were there just after 8:30 and there was already a long line waiting to get in.  By the time we got in, the really good seats were taken, but ours wasn't too bad.  We had a good view of the stage, anyway.  But I couldn't see the graduates as they came in....just a few peeks at mortarboards bobbing down the aisle between the heads of people around me.  The graduates were coming down two aisles and I had no idea what aisle Daniel would come down....the one closest to us or the one farther away.  I decided to just take a picture of the screen, so I aimed my camera and snapped.  Just as I snapped the picture, they changed the camera angle to a different view of the graduates and when I looked at my picture on my screen, there was Daniel!!!! I absolutely could not believe it.  It was just a little blessing from God that I got a picture of my son coming down the aisle even though I couldn't see him.  Don't you think that's amazing!???!     The ceremony was really good.  The speaker was Dr. Barry Black, the Chaplain to the US Senate.  He gave an excellent message and challenge to the graduates:  without Christ you will never be truly successful.  There were brief addresses by other important guys in the college, including Dr. Brown, the President.  Then came the time for the receiving of the diplomas.  Over 600 names were read, graduates received their diplomas and a Bible, and they were off.  It happened so fast that it's hard to tell if this is really Daniel or not. It's definitely not either of the graduates before or after him.
     After the graduation it was a challenge to find Daniel in the throng of happy graduates, parents, grandparents, and siblings.  We all finally got together and got some good pictures of Daniel, of Daniel and Suzanne, of Daniel with us, of Daniel and Kelly, and of Daniel with some of his friends.
As the crowd dispersed, we headed back to my cousin's house for a graduation party.  I made African peanut sauce, Natalie made rice, Jeanne put together a salad and a cut vegetable platter, and she made four pies.  It was also my birthday, so a birthday cake also appeared from some hidden corner. We had a great time celebrating one of Daniel's major achievements.
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