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Updating my kitchen

This time returning to Niger we are going to ship as much as possible on a container.  Everything I am putting on the container needs to be in Florida by May 1st.  That means I have this month to pack and finish shopping.  And I really need to get it done by April 22 when we go to GA for a wedding.  Then I can ship it off to FL when we get back from the wedding.

For years I have had a wreath in my kitchen in Niger.  My decorating colors are red, so this wreath fit in nicely.  I had it above my kitchen desk in can see it there behind me.  Then when we moved to Niamey it found its home above the stove.  You can barely see it there behind the fridge.  Well, you know how kitchen decorations get kind of cruddy after awhile with kitchen grease and all, not to mention the extra layer of dust that settles on everything in Niger.  So, since I've had it for about 15 years and it has passed its prime, I've decided it's time for a new look.
So, you get to help me decide.  Which of the following pictures do you like best? Remember, red is the color!  The curtains are red plaid (almost a check pattern) and I'm going to keep the white walls.  The counters and back splash are white subway tiles.