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One off the Bucket List

One of the things I've always wanted to see is the cherry blossom time in Washington DC. So, when we heard our friends, Sharon and Ed, were coming for a visit, we told them to try to come during the cherry blossom time.  Ed had heart surgery in January, but thankfully he was recovered enough to make the trip down here from PA.

It seems like we have always known Ed and Sharon. Their two sons are close in age to our two kids.  In fact, my first memory of Sharon is talking with her while we nursed our babies in the church nursery.  Ed and John have spent time praying with each other and being accountable to each other.  Sharon's home is always open and she is a GOOD cook!  They live about a mile from Missionary Retreat Fellowship where we spend our home assignments, so our kids were often over there or theirs were at our place.  They have become such good friends that they seem like family.  We are that comfortable with them.

This past Saturday we spent the day together in DC.  It seems like everybody else also wanted to see the cherry blossoms!  I've never seen so many people on the metro on a Saturday morning or that many crowds in the museums.  We went first to the Portrait Gallery.  We wanted to see Ford's Theater, but we were too late to get in on a tour (like I said, there were a LOT of tourists!).  We ate lunch there in the arboretum.

We took a short Metro ride over to where the Smithsonian Museums are and went to the Museum of American History.  There Sharon and I stuck together and John and Luke went their separate ways. Ed wanted to go to the Museum of Natural History, so he went there. Ed is due for knee surgery, so he wasn't up to walking all over the place to see the cherry blossoms.  It was a nice afternoon, so he sat outside on a park bench while John, Sharon, and I went to see the blossoms.  Luke went off to see the Air and Space Museum.

The cherry blossoms were gorgeous. They were a gift to the USA from Japan, so it wasn't surprising to see a lot of Japanese tourists there (as well as tourists from everywhere....we saw every color of skin and heard all sorts of languages). It was hard to get to a good place to take pictures because of the people everywhere.  Seeing hundreds of trees all with white and pink-ish blossoms on them was a truly beautiful sight!  What could be better than seeing something so beautiful with such great friends?!
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