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More Sightseeing

A few weeks ago, Al and Judy came to visit.  Al and Judy were John's youth leaders back when he was in high school and had a huge impact on John, contributing to making him the man of God that he is.  They have their own motor home, so they stayed at a park, but came over for supper one night.  Then the next day we went sight-seeing in DC.

We went to some places where we'd never been.  First we went to the National Gallery of Art.  The museum is actually two buildings connected with tunnels.  We went down this moving sidewalk that was really cool with the lights surrounding it.  At the end there was a dispay with a gondola.  This picture was taken right before Al and I got in trouble for touching it. I've long known I'm a visual learning, but I didn't know what a tactile learner I was until recently.  It seems I have to touch things to see how they feel to really get a full sense of the thing being examined.  I didn't know this until I've gotten in trouble twice in museums for touching something I shouldn't have.  We went to a exhibit of Gauguin's work.  Can't say I was a fan.  Then we saw some impressionistic paintings which I really liked.  This museum had a lot of pretty spots....fountains, statues, nooks, etc. where you could just sit and enjoy.  This lady was painting in one room. I supposed she had to ask permission first?

Our next spot was the National Museum of the American Indians.  The outside of this building is pretty impressive, looking like a rock formation or a waterfall.  We spent quite a lot of time in there....a good place to be as it was pouring rain outside.  We went to the cafeteria for a break and I had an amazing cup of hot chocolate with chili pepper.  First you tasted the chocolate and then when you swallowed, just a zing of pepper.  It wasn't hot enough to make your nose run, but just enough to give the chocolate an extra layer of flavor.

Washington Bible College is literally one street over from the beginning of Greenbelt, Maryland.  Historic Greenbelt was established by the government back in the 1930's as part of FDR's New Deal.  It was a planned community, intended to be a green place for people to live and to commute to DC for work.  John and I drove into historic Greenbelt to see what it was all about.  The houses are town houses or condos and they all have an awful sameness to them.  They were built with little or no imagination or originality.  There are block after block of these buildings.  Greenbelt had it's own shopping area, it's own schools, it's own churches, and it's own library and municipal buildings.  Whereas most towns develop gradually over time, this was built all at once around a purposeful plan.  We drove through the shopping area....probably one of America's first strip malls.  I got a kick out of these shops...Curves next to the Dessert store!  So, do you eat dessert first, then go work out?  Or work out, then reward yourself with dessert?

All I can say is, I don't think I'd like living in that part of Greenbelt, MD.
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