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A Few of My Favorite Things

It's always nice to get gifts at Christmas.  Here are my favorites.

From Suzanne I got a pair of nice, warm slippers. My feet are almost always cold, which makes me feel cold all over.  Our apartment is built on a cement slab and even though we have carpet, I think the floor is really cold.  My desk is in a direct line in front of the fireplace (which we aren't allowed to use because they say the chimney needs to be cleaned) and there is definitely a draft coming from the fireplace even though the flue is closed.  So I LOVE these nice warm, furry slippers. 

I have read every one of the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency books.  They are an easy read, but enjoyable.  Botswana is a lot different from Niger, but there are enough similarities that I find the books take me "home". So I was really happy with this gift from Daniel....the DVD series of the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency.  I hope there is going to be a 2nd season because I have really enjoyed watching these.

A couple years back I tore an ad out of a magazine and hung it on my fridge.  I tried to find the picture on the internet but couldn't come up with it.  It was an ad for a high-end set of knives and it showed a guy in a very modern kitchen holding a carrot up to the ceiling fan.  The fan was slicing the carrots and they were flying all over the kitchen.  It said, "There is no substitute for a good set of knives."  And I totally agree.  

I have stayed in numerous guest houses and furnished houses and the knife quality in those places is usually poor to very bad.  I get so frustrated because if I can slice, cut, dice, chop, etc. how am I supposed to cook?  The place we are currently living is simply furnished.  Most things are adequate, but the knives were really bad.  So I was really happy to get this set of Oxo Good Grips knives from John.  They are dangerously sharp and so much fun to work with!  They cut anything and cut it well.  Not only that, the handles are comfortable to hold so if there is a lot that needs to be chopped your hand won't get all cramped up doing it.  There are even a couple of extra slots in the holding block so that I can add to my collection.  I love Oxo kitchen tools,so I may add to my knife collection.  And I can get my cutting and cooking done faster so I can put my slippered feet up and watch a few episodes of the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency!