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Books Read in 2010

The last time I did a blog on books I read, I mentioned that I hadn't really cared for a certain book.  And then the author left a comment on my blog!  He was really very kind, suggesting other books of his that I might enjoy instead (and it was probably written by his assistant, not by him, anyway!).  I think authors must have an automatic search that comes up with the titles of their books whenever they appear on the internet.  

That said, I will proceed with the list from 2010 and will be completely honest about my opinions of the books read.  Hopefully you will find some on the list that will inspire you to read that particular book.

1.  Low-Fat Living by Robert K. Cooper.  Mr. Cooper explains, as the book cover says, how to turn off the fat-makers and turn on the fat-burners.  This was a really good book with lots of practical suggestions.  Of course, healthy living and healthy eating are harder to put into practice than it sounds (as you probably very well know!).  One thing I…

A Few of My Favorite Things

It's always nice to get gifts at Christmas.  Here are my favorites.
From Suzanne I got a pair of nice, warm slippers. My feet are almost always cold, which makes me feel cold all over.  Our apartment is built on a cement slab and even though we have carpet, I think the floor is really cold.  My desk is in a direct line in front of the fireplace (which we aren't allowed to use because they say the chimney needs to be cleaned) and there is definitely a draft coming from the fireplace even though the flue is closed.  So I LOVE these nice warm, furry slippers. 
I have read every one of the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency books.  They are an easy read, but enjoyable.  Botswana is a lot different from Niger, but there are enough similarities that I find the books take me "home". So I was really happy with this gift from Daniel....the DVD series of the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency.  I hope there is going to be a 2nd season because I have really enjoyed watching these.
A c…

Winter Travels

When we left Maryland on December 31st to head out on a two-week plus trip, we asked you to pray that there would be no snow on the days that we traveled.  God really answered your prayers!

We made it to Connecticut without any problems and had a good week there.  AFTER we left they got over two feet of snow, making it one of their biggest storms ever.  The day AFTER we arrived in Pennsylvania, it snowed.  It wasn't a huge snow, but would not have been fun to drive in.  On the way from Pennsylvania to Ohio we got into a short, but heavy snow shower.  Within 15 minutes we were out of it.

We had a great week in Ohio.  Again, there was snow while we were there, but we only had to travel short distances from my cousin's house where we were staying to Cedarville, about 12 miles.

The most snow we got into was when traveling from Ohio back to NW Pennsylvania where we were scheduled to speak.  It was pretty, but it did slow us down a bit.  This house is really pretty, but you wouldn'…

The Old, the New, and the Faithful

It's hard getting rid of old things that have meant a lot to you.  Even though you don't use those things any more and even though you probably never will again, they hold so many memories.  Other things are still useful, but need to be passed on.  John and I have been sorting through our stuff that's stored in the attic.  We have thrown, thrown, thrown.  As John says, it feels like we've lost half our life.
One important thing I've passed on are the Christmas stockings I made for Daniel and Suzanne when they were little. I enjoyed our Christmas with Daniel and Suzanne so much, but at the same time it was difficult to think that this will be the last Christmas with them for awhile.  We are truly moving into the empty nest era.  It's not easy, let me tell you.  As much as I am proud of my kids and who they are and as much as I want to see them succeed, I also don't want them to leave.  I cross-stitched these when the kids were toddlers.  I made one for John,…