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The Year for Weddings

So far in 2010 we have been to six weddings.  We could have attended a total of 9 weddings, but we couldn't because they were on the same date as another one we were already going to.  And one of those was also in Australia, so that was kind of out.

The first wedding was on New Years' Day.  What a way to start the was just a precursor of things to come!  That wedding was in Alabama and was the wedding of Daniel, a guy who had come to Niger to teach math.  We had "adopted" him while he was in Niger.  His wedding turned into a mini Sahel Academy reunion.

The second wedding we attended was our neighbor girl's.  On our last home assignment this family, missionaries to Mexico, had also lived at Missionary Retreat Fellowship.  Every day she, Daniel, Suzanne, and another girl rode the bus to the local public school.  We were delighted when we came on home assignment this time that that family was also there again!  Abby and her husband, Ben, are both students at Cedarville University, so we get to see them quite often, either in Pennsylvania or in Ohio. 

The third wedding was another one of our "adopted" sons.  Jeremy had lived with us in Niger for six months and really became part of the family.  We drove to Michigan for his wedding. Jeremy and Julianna had so many unique aspects to their wedding, but I've already done a blog on that.  One of my favorite parts, though, that I've never seen at any other wedding, was how they had communion.  While they were doing communion and worshiping God together Julianna's ballerina friends danced.  It was a very moving moment.

The fourth wedding was a girl from our church in Pennsylvania who is also a student at Cedarville.  She and Daniel and Suzanne and Abby, mentioned above, all went to high school together that year we were home and were involved in the youth group.  The lighting at Kelly's wedding was such that it was hard to get any good pictures, so I apologize for the quality of this photo. One of the cool things at Kelly's wedding was that her and Chris' kiss was their first kiss ever.

The 5th wedding was of John's nephew, Levi.  Levi and Shannon are so perfect together and we love how they had already been raising support with Campus Crusade, got married, went on their honeymoon, and jumped right into ministry together. I've also done a blog on their wedding.

And the 6th wedding was of my niece, Erika.  Next week I will give you more details as to why their wedding was unique.  Just let me say that I love it when there is enough tradition in a wedding to keep it from being weird, but enough of the individual couple in the wedding to make it uniquely theirs.  Erika and Nate's wedding was very much that way....traditional yet unique.  I've finished editing their pictures and hope to have them sent off to Erika next week.  So next week I promise to tell you all about their wedding and share more pictures with you.  As I said, I want them to have a chance to enjoy the pictures first.

It's November now and unless somebody pops a surprise wedding between now and December 31st I think we're done for the year!  So far we have one lined up for 2011....another one of our "adopted" sons.  I can't wait!
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