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The Colors of Fall

As I've said before, summer is my favorite season with spring being a close runner up.  I don't like fall that much because it means summer is over and winter is coming.  But I must admit that it is a beautiful season and so far, here in our neck of the woods, it hasn't been all that cold.  Here are some pictures of fall in Maryland.
This is our apartment building
We live in the woods which is pretty amazing since we're only 10 miles from DC.

Who would think you'd find daisies in the fall? 
It isn't as colorful here as it is farther north.  But then it isn't as cold either.  In fact, September was absolutely perfect weather and October was good, too.  Now it's November and there is finally a bit of a nip to the air.

When we get back to Niger I'll miss the changing seasons, so even though fall isn't my favorite, I'm going to enjoy it!