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Bird Watching

Because we live in the woods, we have a profusion of birds.  I think we are also just far enough south that this area has many birds that don't migrate, whereas up in Pennsylvania it seems that most birds leave the area for the winter.

Inspired by John's aunts out in Washington state, I decided to put out suet for the birds.   Boy, do they love that! I also got a bird seed dispenser.  Here are some of the birds I've had so far:
A White-breasted Nuthatch.  These guys can walk upside down on trees and hang up-side down from the feeder.

My favorite: a white-breasted nuthatch.  These birds are so pretty with their blue bodies and white faces.

I don't know what this is.  It kind of looks like a bluebird to me, but it's not really that blue.  Does anybody know what it is?

A downy woodpecker.         

 We also have cardinals, but they don't eat from either of the feeders.  They prefer to pick up bits that have dropped onto the ground.
Monsieur and.....                  

Madame in a tree.

I've discovered it's not easy to get pictures of birds because they won't sit still!  When we say a person "eats like a bird", we usually mean that they don't eat very much.  But birds seem to be eating all day long and it looks to me like they eat a lot!  I think "eats like a bird" should mean the person can't sit still while they're eating!

We also have a stray cat.  Do you think I should start feeding her, too?  Maybe she hangs around here in hopes of catching a bird and she doesn't need me to feed her!