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Desperate Needs

We have some desperate needs for key positions in Niger.

Perhaps the most desperate right now is the need for a grades 3 & 4 teacher at Sahel Academy.  School has started, but without a teacher for this class.  One of the moms, who is an Art teacher and would like to be able to concentrate on that, and the principal, who leaves for her home assignment in just a few weeks, have been covering the class.  This is a delightful and high energy class...and many parents are able to minister in Niger because of the good education Sahel Academy provides.
If you have training to teach at this level, are a committed Christian who loves kids, and if you would like to have an unforgettable experience overseas, this could be the job for you!  This link to SIM, would put you on the fast-track to get you to Niger ASAP.  Of course, you can also contact me directly and I will put you in touch with the person with whom you need to communicate.  You can also contact our sister organization, Teach Beyond, an organization that provides teachers for Sahel Academy and other mission schools.

Two other high-priority needs we have right now are at the Centre de Sante et de Leprosologie (CSL). 
We need a director and a doctor.  CSL was originally a leprosarium but is expanding to include more general health care.  It is also the site of the Worldwide Fistula Fund (WFF) hospital which is being built right now.  You may remember that I did a blog on women with obstetric fistulas.  We need a director now who can oversee the work of CSL and of WFF.  If you have experience as a hospital director, love the Lord, and have a heart for some of the most downtrodden and underprivileged people of the world, this could be the place for you.  Knowing French would be ideal for the director of this medical center.

Along with that goes the need for a doctor at CSL.  We have one doctor right now, but really need two.  Again, if you are a Christian doctor who loves the downtrodden and underprivileged, this is a place for you!  Of course, some experience in tropical medicine and especially in leprosy treatment would be ideal.  It is not necessary to know how to treat obstetric fistulas as specialists are brought in for that.

The final desperate need is for a director for Sowing Seeds of Change in the Sahel (SSCS)
As you know from other blogs and from current news stories, existence in Niger is tenuous, always depending on whether or not there is a good rainy season.  SSCS  exists to show local farmers better farming methods and alternative crops so that when there is a drought or a poor rainy season they have something other than millet to fall back on.  Much progress has been made in the Maradi area in getting farmers to use alternative food sources, but we need somebody to oversee this work.  If you are a believer who has a degree in agriculture or experience on a farm and who has a heart to help the poor, this position could be for you!

In each of the above job descriptions, I have put several links that explain more about the position or that help you start the process of applying to SIM.  Where ever there is a link, the font is in purple.  Just click directly on the purple writing and you will be taken to another web site.  You can contact me or SIM directly if you are interested. 
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