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Home Tour

I can say we are finally unpacked, pictures on the walls, organized, and getting ourselves into a routine.  It is now time for you to come visit us!  We are only 10 miles from Washington DC.  You can walk to the end of the driveway, catch a bus to the train station, ride the train into DC, save yourself the stress of driving, and have a great time touring our nation's capital (and visiting us!).

Until you come to visit, here is a tour of our house.  This is our front door with the coat closet on the left. 
I just realized the picture has slipped in the matting and the cardboard is showing at the top.  I've got to fix that!  I get a lot of my pictures printed through Snapfish and they gave me a free poster, so I had this picture of my friend's mom made up. 

The front entry goes right into the living room.  This looks a bit funny because of the back of the chair right there.  But we have a very nice fireplace and mantel with floor to ceiling bookshelves beside it. 
We have decorated the living room with our Niger stuff and my elephant collection.  The couch is covered with a hand-woven Songhai blanket.

Also in the living room is my desk.  We have a nice large window where John's keyboard is.  I love to sit in this chair in the morning to have my devos and look out into the woods.

The living room and dining room are an open room. I have a really nice hutch where I can display my Grandma Margie's china. 
The kitchen is not large, but it makes good use of cupboard space.
And I have a dishwasher!!!!!!! One of the really nice features of the kitchen is this pantry,
shown here with the doors open.

Down the hall is the kids' room or the guest room....depends on who shows up first, I guess!
It's an interesting color of green!  It's also kind of our store room.  We have things in the closet and under the bed as you can see.

Across the hall from the kids' room is the "green bathroom".
It's also the laundry room.  It's quite a large room with a sink, shower, toilet, laundry facilities, and an ironing board I don't have to take down whenever I'm done with it.

At the end of the hall is our room.  Our bedspread goes nicely with the picture of the Starrucca Viaduct.  I know it would normally be a living room picture, but it goes well with our bedroom colors. 
John has his own office at the college but he also has a mini office in the corner of our bedroom.

We have a large walk-in closet,
through which you must pass to get to our bathroom.  The "yellow bathroom". 
I'm NOT a fan of yellow, but it's better than having a pink bathroom!

I've been reading the book of Job and came across a verse that I never noticed before.  Job is speaking, longing for the days when things went well and he lived a blessed life.  He says, "Oh for the days...when God's intimate friendship blessed my house."  That is what I want in this place...that God's intimate friendship will bless my house!