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Oh No! Not Again!

Yep!  It's almost time to move again.  We have been staying at Missionary Retreat Fellowship, a beautiful place in the Pocono Mountains that rents homes to missionaries.  Because they work hard to keep the budget down, there isn't a house-keeping staff to clean up after missionaries, so we are expected to leave the house in spic-and-span condition.  This involves a thorough spring cleaning. 
Other times we have lived here I have left it until the last week or so.  I underestimated how much time it really takes to do it all and I would end up so stressed with all the other last-minute details of going back to Africa.  So this time I really got on the ball and am only doing a little at a time.  Of course the last day we will have to wipe down surfaces, vacuum, and mop, but the major cleaning will be done.

Moving also means boxes everywhere. 
This is probably the part of moving I like the least.  It ends up with boxes in the living room, in the bedrooms, etc.  And I don't like clutter, so it annoys me.  On top of that, Daniel and Suzanne come home for 36 hours every week for their day off and they bring between four and ten kids with them.  Our house is fairly small for that many people and then to add boxes to the mix....  I love the "kids"....I hate the boxes.  (The boxes are normally stacked up, not scattered all over.  This shows the packing in progress.)  Tomorrow I need to go out and see if I can find more boxes.

Last week we drove down to Lanham, MD to visit Washington Bible College.  
John will be missionary-in-residence here for one year.  He will teach some classes, mentor those interested in missions, and recruit for SIM.  We have been given an apartment on campus.  It is a two-bedroom apartment and has quite a lot of space. 
The apartments on the left are one-bedroom apartments....three downstairs and three upstairs and then six more on the other side of the building.  The ones on the right are two-bedroom apartments and we will be in one of those.  Our apartment is on the back side of the building, so you can't really see it in this picture.

We found out that it is a furnished apartment, so we won't have to buy furniture or kitchen equipment.   Too bad about those dishes....but I really don't need to buy dishes now.  It's a good thing I didn't go out and buy any!

While John is being MIR, I will work remotely for SIM Niger.  I've already begun doing that.  Hopefully I will have time to do some kind of volunteer work, too.  I have a real heart for those in poverty or disadvantaged situations so I'm praying the Lord will open something up for me that I could do a couple of mornings a week.  

And a year from now.....we'll be doing it all again, preparing to go back to Niger!