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Independence Day

This past Sunday was July 4th....Independence Day.  Our celebration was pretty low-key, really.  Since it was Sunday we went to church.  Our pastor had a great message on "The Biblical Foundation for a Free Society".  It went along with what we've been viewing in The Truth Project series of videos that we've been doing on Sunday nights and in our life groups.  In The Truth Project, it was pointed out that God's plan for government is that the king (president, prime minister, chancellor) is directly responsible to God.  A king needs a standard above himself to guide him, and that standard needs to be God.  When the king and the country decide their own morals, they are "fixin' to mess up".

We can see that in Israel's own history.  When the king and the people obeyed God, the country prospered.  When they turned their backs on God, things went downhill fast.
  Sunday morning I finished reading the book of II Kings which ends with the people taken into captivity, idol worship rampant, the land in decay, cities destroyed, and wild animals taking over a now desolate, but once prosperous land.

So, we might say, well that's just because Israel was God's chosen people and it doesn't apply to the United States or to any other government.  But we also see examples in Scripture of God warning other nations to repent or they would see destruction.  (Jonah being sent to warn Ninevah is an example.)  

It is sad to see how far from God's ideal we have come.  

But, on a brighter note, I did enjoy the church service and the picnic afterward.

This is me with one of my friends. 
She attended the boarding school I taught at in Nigeria, but I was never her teacher.  I did teach her little brother, though!  She recently moved into the area to teach at Scranton's new medical college.  Her brother put her in touch with me and she has gotten involved at our church.

After the church picnic we came home and just did nothing....which is what I like about Sundays!  We could hear fireworks off in the distance all week and now I regret that we didn't make an effort to go to one of the fireworks displays.  Other than that, it was a great day!
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