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A Busy Weekend

We went over to Connecticut for the weekend and had a very busy time there!

We went on Thursday and that evening Mom D. had arranged a small service to dedicate a bench she had had installed in memory of Dad D.  His ashes are buried behind the church, so he has no grave stone. 
In fact, the bench does not have his name on it anywhere as he would not have wanted that.  But it is put there for people to enjoy.  They can sit and wait for a ride or meditate or just rest.  I won't say too much about it as I think John wants to do a blog about it. 

On Friday, one of our supporters took us sailing.  He loves to go and he loves to take people with him and we love to go with him.
It was a hot, sunny day, but as we got out on the water the breeze was cool and refreshing. 
There's nothing like leaning back, feeling the breeze on your face, and hearing the wind flapping the sail! 
We anchored near an island and had our lunch, then our friend took us to see some seals.
  From there we circled around the lighthouse.
These pictures look a little out of focus, but it is because a light fog moved in.
I am now working remotely for SIM Niger, doing what I was doing before.  I can't do all aspects of the job as some of it requires being on location, but I can cover the correspondence and paperwork.  I got really far behind last week because every time I went to log on SIM Niger's network was down.  So when we got home Friday evening I worked until midnight to catch up.  I had to put that in there so you wouldn't think I'm too much of a slacker!

Saturday was Levi and Shannon's wedding.  John played the prelude and did a great job. This is one happy man, don't you think??
Here they are with the cake cutting.
Levi's got his mouth open....Shannon can just shovel it in  (His appetite is incredible....he makes John look like a light eater.) The reception was upstairs in a building by the river and there was a balcony overlooking the river.
It was a very nice location.

Sunday was church, then we were invited to a luncheon with a meeting after.   By then I was so tired!  I slept at least two of the 3.5 hours home.  I woke up just in time to hear Spain score their goal that won the World Cup.  Normally I drive half of it but I let John drive the whole way. 
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