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Just Dreaming

In August we will be moving to Maryland where John will be missionary in residence at Washington Bible College.  We found out that the apartment is unfurnished, except for appliances.  We can't complain about that as we will get the apartment rent free.  Since the appliances are there it will save us a ton of money in what we do have to purchase.  Believe me, we will be living simply as we don't want to invest a lot of money in furniture we are going to use for only a year.

The other day I was in a store and saw dishes I really liked, so that got me thinking about buying a set of dishes.  I already have my Grandma's china set, but they are a little too nice for every day use.  So I am thinking about buying a cheap set of four for every day use and we can use the china whenever we have company.

If you've seen my kitchen in Niger you'll know I have red curtains and red accents.  I just love red in a kitchen!  But my dining room and living room in Niamey are one big (big being a relative term!) room as they were in Tera.  My living room/dining room curtains were blue, so I have blue dishes in Niger.  I love my dishes and didn't plan on changing them.  But I figure if I get some red dishes that would be really nice with my kitchen and would be something I could use beyond just this coming year.  Some days I could use blue and some I could use red.

So, I've been looking at red dinnerware, dreaming about what I might get.  Of course, there are always two categories in dreaming:  1.  What I Would Get If Price Were No Object and 2. What I Can Afford (But Still Like).  Here are some of my favorites that I've seen so far:

Red Berry Collection by Mikasa
                                                                Baking Days by Spode        
Pure Red by Mikasa 

America's Original Diner Collection by Homer Laughlin Dinnerware

 Urban Red by Corelle

                                      Pressed Petals at Target

Medallion at Target 

                                    Corelle Classic Cafe

Red Rooster Toile Dinner Set

So, assuming I could afford any of these sets of dishes (which I can't!), but since we're dreaming, which set do you think I should get?

Which set do you think I like the best?

Help me out with my decision!