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Niger has seasons and there are enjoyable things about each season.  

There is the "cold" season when night temperatures can drop into the low 50's.  This season runs from November through February and it's the season when you like to get things done because you actually have energy.  It is also the season of the harmattan....the dust that blows down from the Sahara Desert.  This picture shows the sun on a dusty day.

Then there is the hot season that runs from March into June.  This is the worst time of year, mainly because three to four months of temperatures over 100 degrees can really wear you out. 
The harmattan continues through these months.  And did I mention from November to rain (we do occasionally get a rain in April or May)?  The forecast every day is:  Sunshine!  or Sunshine with a layer of dust.

Around May the humidity moves in and the heat really becomes unbearable.  But this is moving us into the next season:  the rainy season which lasts from M…

Father's Day

Father's Day has come and gone.  But why not celebrate dad today since I didn't have a chance to blog yesterday.

The kids are home with eight of their friends who are working at camp.  We just finished supper at which they described several very needy children who don't have ideal family situations.  Why are those kids born into such dysfunctional families while I was born into such a godly, happy family and my kids were also born into a godly, happy family.  No my family isn't perfect, but there is no fear of abuse or distrust or purposeful meanness.  None of us chose the family we were born into, so I don't want to take it for granted that God allowed me to be born into such a special family.

My dad has a great sense of humor.  Here he is saying he always wanted to wear a bow-tie.  My dad is a very wise person whose advice I always value.  He taught us so many good things such as how to work hard, how to keep your word, and how to love your family.  

My husband is a…

Driving to JFK

Last week John came back from England.
Daniel, Suzanne, and I went to pick him up from the airport.  That sounds simple, but it's not.  It's not because it involves driving through the New York City area.  That involves much heavier traffic than we are used to.  Complicated by the fact that we don't really know where we're going.  
Daniel drove and he did a superb job.  We only got upset at each other once.  A stress-induced misunderstanding. 
The George Washington Bridge.

The Whitestone Bridge.

A tunnel.

So, we survived the trip.  We actually made good time....we left here around 11:30 a.m. and were back by 6:30 p.m.  We said it felt weird to have spent half the day in the car and arrive back at the same destination.

But it sure is good to have John home!!! :)

As for the dishes....Well, my favorite is the red berries, but I can't afford them (but I CAN dream)!  My least favorite are the rooster ones.  So, I'm not sure what I'll end up getting.  The red blossom an…

Just Dreaming

In August we will be moving to Maryland where John will be missionary in residence at Washington Bible College.  We found out that the apartment is unfurnished, except for appliances.  We can't complain about that as we will get the apartment rent free.  Since the appliances are there it will save us a ton of money in what we do have to purchase.  Believe me, we will be living simply as we don't want to invest a lot of money in furniture we are going to use for only a year.

The other day I was in a store and saw dishes I really liked, so that got me thinking about buying a set of dishes.  I already have my Grandma's china set, but they are a little too nice for every day use.  So I am thinking about buying a cheap set of four for every day use and we can use the china whenever we have company.

If you've seen my kitchen in Niger you'll know I have red curtains and red accents.  I just love red in a kitchen!  But my dining room and living room in Niamey are one big (bi…