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Mother's Day

We don't do much to celebrate Mother's Day in Niger.  The last six years or so that we were in Tera Daniel and Suzanne were always at boarding school for Mother's Day, so John would usually make me dinner, but that would be it for Mother's Day.  Now, let me tell you, cooking a meal for me in May, the hottest most awful month of the year in Niger, is no small gift!!!  It's a pretty big deal and always much appreciated.

And I don't know when the last time was that I was with MY mom on Mother's Day.  So it was a treat yesterday to be able to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. 
Here we are on what appears to be Mother's Day (it may have been my Dad's graduation) about 45 years ago! I don't look overly happy with the idea of having my picture taken....that's me in the middle.
And here we are yesterday.  It's too bad my brother and sister couldn't have been with us yesterday, but they did both call, within minutes of each other.

We decided we didn't want to go out to dinner....too expensive and too many crowds.  So before church I put a chicken and sweet potatoes in the oven.  When we got home Suzanne finished making the dinner.  She made stovetop dressing and broccoli and for dessert we had a delicious chocolate chip cake she had made for my birthday on the 7th.  Daniel picked a bouquet of flowers for me (lilacs, my favorite and something else pretty)
and carved the chicken.  We all spent the afternoon reading and just hanging out....all of us on the same couch for awhile.

 I love being a mom to Daniel and Suzanne.  And I love my mom and am glad I got to honor her on Mother's Day.  She is truly a virtuous woman and I want to rise up and call her blessed.