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Last Post As Oxford Tourist

Well, folks, I hope to be heading home on Thursday.  I'm not anticipating any problems.  I just plan on getting to the airport very early to ensure that I do get on my flight.  I'm sure the planes will be jam-packed as they continue to catch up on the back log caused by the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull.  

This past week I finished seeing the colleges I wanted to see and stumbled upon a few I hadn't planned on visiting.  So, Tuesday, I was trying to find my way somewhere and stumbled upon  Keble College.The buildings are quite different from what you see at the other colleges.

As you can see, it was built with brick and there is a pattern in the brickwork made by using different colored bricks.  Continuing along that same road, I stumbled upon Wadham College.  Visitors were not allowed, but you can stand at the doorway and look in.  Wandering through some narrow roadways,

I finally found New College.New College is anything but new, being over 620 years old!
This was one of…

Cultural Observations

Now, you may think that since English is spoken in England there shouldn't be big differences in culture, right?  Well, compared to going to say, Niger, the culture differences are slight.  But there are differences between England and the States.  Of course, most of my observations are on a surface level so I don't claim to be taking this very deep!  And I certainly mean no offense to either the US or to Britain.  Just making observations, that's all.

1.  My Name.....Well, I don't know since only one person has said this to me, but I've been told that "Nancy is a very American name".  I don't know if that's true or not.  There must be some Brits named Nancy....but I haven't met any.  I mean I have met people with names we would say are very British such as ....never mind, I'm not going to get my self in trouble by naming names.  But after he said that I started looking in places where they sell things with people's names on them and I …

Another Week of Tourism

This week I did not go exploring quite as much.  I've seen a lot already and I guess I was getting a little tired of being a tourist and have been feeling a little homesick.  Our living situation was a little difficult with nine people in a one-bathroom, one-kitchen flat.  Everybody was easy enough to get along with it's just that when you were desperate to go somebody was inevitably in the loo.  When you needed to get ready somebody else was taking their jolly time primping before the mirror.  Ahhhh....the joys of dorm life.  I'm getting a bit old for that.  Anyway, the family of four left (it must have been difficult for them living all four in a small room) so we are back down to five to the bathroom.  That seems like nothing now!

Anyway, the highlight of the week was getting to see more of our "old" friends.  So, here's what I did....

Monday was grey and dreary and after having walked about eight miles on Sunday I didn't feel like doing much of anything…