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Winter in Our Neck of the Woods

The way I see it, if it's going to be cold, we might as well have snow.  A good winter is a snowy winter.

Our first snowfall was in October.  Now, I don't know about you, but that is just a little too early for snow!  Because October is fall, not winter!  So I never said I wanted to see snow in October.  As you can imagine, that snow did not last and we did not get any more snow until December.  

We had some snow in December and we were excited that we had a white Christmas! It was also extremely cold in December and the kids were even able to go ice-skating on the pond, which was frozen solid.

January brought more snow, but not that much.  In fact, we even had a January thaw with rain and all the snow pretty much melted away.

And then there was February!  True winter at last.  We got a pretty big snow on February 10.  (This is our neighbor's house.)

And then more snow on February 23rd.

And then we got the "blizzard" on February 25th when it snowed non-stop for about 24 hours and then off and on for another 12 hours, for a total of almost 36 hours of snow.  We ended up with 19 inches of snow.  I shoveled twice during the day while it was snowing, but then we got so much overnight that the next morning John had to go out to do the shoveling because it was too heavy for me to do it.

The snow was above my knees!

Yep!  That's John shoveling a path around the car.  We had to shovel off the car, too.  The wimpy snow remover brush didn't work too well on that kind of snow!

Can you tell where the steps to the deck are?

Then the sun came out.  Wow!  It is so pretty now with the deep snow, the sunshine, and the blue, blue sky.

I'm glad we have had such a pretty winter.  And I'm glad we aren't in areas where they've had too much snow.  But, between you and me, I'm ready for spring to come now!