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Mom DeValve's New Room

We have been trying to spend as much time as possible with Mom DeValve.  We got the idea...or maybe I should say resurrected an old turn Dad's study into a downstairs bedroom for Mom.  That way she won't have to go upstairs all the time.  She has a very nice bathroom downstairs, so putting  a bedroom in downstairs makes an ideal living situation for her.

John and I sorted through all Dad's books and belongings.   I've done a lot of cleaning, including the dining room chandelier which took about three hours because every string of crystals had to come off individually.  Then Laurie and her mom, Gail, redecorated the study.  They left the paneled wall and the "wallpaper" (which is really printed right on the drywall) walls as they were and Laurie and Gail painted the other two walls a light green.  They hung darker green curtains at the windows.  We removed all the bookshelves, the desk got moved to the living room, the computer is in the attic (anybody want an old computer?), and an extra dresser for storage was moved to an upstairs bedroom.  Laurie found a perfect bedspread to go with the wallpaper and the green walls. 
They got a new set of furniture:  a bed, a dresser, a wardrobe, and a nice chair that swivels.  A bookshelf from upstairs came into the room.  Now she has an absolutely beautiful room.  This room probably gets the most light so it is a very cheery room.