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Growing Up

Have you ever gone back to a place where you had lived as a child....a place that you hadn't been for years and years? When I first went back to Kent Academy, where I had attended as a child, everything seemed smaller to me. As a child I was small of course (I know, I know, I haven't gotten much taller!) and everything at boarding school seemed big and overwhelming to me. When I went back as an adult I discovered that everything was just a normal size!

Recently we were on Long Island and John wanted to go see the house where his grandparents had lived and where his dad had grown up. John had not been there since he was in high school. He did not even recognize the place. For one thing, they had added on to the house and done extensive renovations. But what really surprised him was the size of the trees. They had grown and grown while other things in the neighborhood had stayed the same.

Houses and other buildings may look smaller to us because we grow bigger. But trees really do change and grow and when we go back we find them to be much taller than we remembered.

The 2nd time we lived here at Missionary Retreat Fellowship (MRF) Daniel was in 1st grade and Suzanne was 4. We took this picture beside a tree in our yard. That was an extremely snowy winter and the snow had completely buried that tree at one point in time. This picture was taken in the spring, probably in May (it snowed on Mother's Day that year).

This is now our 5th time at MRF and our 4th time to live in the same house. And you would not believe how that tree has grown! Here are Daniel and Suzanne standing in front of that very same tree!!!!! They are taller, but so is the tree!

They pretty much act the same as they did back then, though! This is Daniel waiting behind the tree to pelt his sister with snowballs when she came out of the house. And is this a hug or a wrestling match? Probably a hug about to dissolve into a wrestling match. Trees grow, kids grow, but some things never change!
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