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Winter Weather Driving

We are back home after 13 days on the road. I've already posted about our two-night treat at the Whitestone Inn (see below).

From Tennessee we headed down to Alabama where we attended Daniel and Victoria Meade's wedding. It was a bit of a mini-Sahel Academy reunion with our family, Chantelle, Eliot, and Tam as well as Daniel Meade (who taught last year at Sahel Academy) and his beautiful bride, Victoria.

From there we headed up to Cedarville University to participate in the missions conference on campus. Unfortunately I kept forgetting my camera and so I didn't ever get any pictures of it. The conference went from Tuesday, the 5th, through Thursday, the 7th. Each morning a missionary gave a testimony. Of course, the most memorable was when Gracia Burnham spoke. Each evening George Murray, the chancellor of CIU, spoke. He was excellent. On the final night he asked all who had already given their life to Christ to serve as a missionary to come forward. That included all those already serving as missionaries. Then he asked all who that night wanted to dedicate their lives for missions to come forward. All the students who came forward were given a pledge card to keep in their Bible and to remind themselves of their commitment. Two hundred cards were printed and they ran out! It was great to see that many young people committed to missions. Of course there were many other students who didn't come forward but who are committed to fully following Christ and doing whatever He wants them to do. What a joy it was to stand at the front of the chapel along with Daniel and Suzanne. I take absolutely no credit for that. But I do rejoice to see my children following spite of my failures and weaknesses as a parent. We have never tried to push them into missions because we wanted it to come from God and to be something between them and God and not something to please us.

On the way to Cedarville we got into snow and leaving Cedarville we got into more snow. We didn't have to drive through any terrible conditions, but we did have to slow down and watch out for the crazies who won't slow down or who don't know how to drive in snow. The salt makes a huge mess and we had a real struggle to keep the windshield clean enough to see clearly. We refilled our washer fluid two times! We just wouldn't have been able to stay on the road without washer fluid. Our car looked horrible with salt smeared all over and ice caking the front and sides. Yuk. But in spite of the snow, slush, salt, and slow driving there was beautiful scenery to be seen as well. At the end of every trip we are so thankful for God for taking us there and back safely....and especially in the winter when accidents can happen a lot easier.