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Celebrating Dad DeValve's Life

As I briefly posted, my father-in-law went to his heavenly home on January 17, 2010. In the spring he began having shortness of breath and in the fall he was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. In layman's terms, idiopathic means they don't know exactly what caused it and they have no cure for it. Fibrosis is the hardening of something and pulmonary is the lungs. So his lungs were hardening, making it harder and harder for him to breathe. It is also a progressive disease meaning it will get worse and worse.

On Wednesday, January 13 he was unable to get out of bed due to breathing difficulties and a general feeling of being unwell. Mom took him to the emergency room and he was admitted to the hospital. The doctor said he might have pneumonia and was treating him with antibiotics as well as oxygen. On Thursday the 14th there was talk of him being able to go home on Friday. But Friday morning Mom called and said he had taken a turn for the worse and would we ple…


Yesterday morning by father-in-law, Bob DeValve, went to heaven to be with Jesus. We were there with him. I will post more details later but for now I just want to ask for prayer for the family. The memorial service will be Friday evening.

Winter Weather Driving

We are back home after 13 days on the road. I've already posted about our two-night treat at the Whitestone Inn (see below).

From Tennessee we headed down to Alabama where we attended Daniel and Victoria Meade's wedding. It was a bit of a mini-Sahel Academy reunion with our family, Chantelle, Eliot, and Tam as well as Daniel Meade (who taught last year at Sahel Academy) and his beautiful bride, Victoria.

From there we headed up to Cedarville University to participate in the missions conference on campus. Unfortunately I kept forgetting my camera and so I didn't ever get any pictures of it. The conference went from Tuesday, the 5th, through Thursday, the 7th. Each morning a missionary gave a testimony. Of course, the most memorable was when Gracia Burnham spoke. Each evening George Murray, the chancellor of CIU, spoke. He was excellent. On the final night he asked all who had already given their life to Christ to serve as a missionary to come forward. That included a…

It's 2010!

On Wednesday, the 30th, we left Pennsylvania, headed down to Dixie's sunny shores. Well, not to the shore, but to south of the Mason-Dixon where it is definitely a little warmer than the 15 degrees we left behind! We drove about 13 hours that day so it was a LONG day, but what awaited us at the end of the road was worth it!

Years ago God gave the owners a vision to provide a place of quiet and rest for weary souls. They had been in the pastorate and knew how tired missionaries can get, both on the field and while traveling around on home assignment. So they promised the Lord that He could use them to help take care of missionaries. So they give missionaries on home assignment and pastors two complimentary nights at their bed and breakfast, the Whitestone Inn in the middle-of-nowhere Tennessee. Here is the drive through the barn and our suite was in the barn. But don't get the wrong impression! We didn't sleep on straw or share a stall with cattle. D…