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Week Five of a Two-Month Trip

This past week was spent traveling from Houston, TX to Sebring, FL. They may both be in the south but they are a LONG ways apart!

To get from Houston to Gulfport, MS, we drove over the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, the 8th longest bridge in the world, at 18.2 miles in length. It spans mostly swamp, but also rivers and lakes. It's pretty amazing....but looking at this picture one wonders what language they speak there!

We spent the night in Gulfport/Biloxi, right on the beach (and glad no hurricane was forecast!). In December 2005, we went with a group from Grace Bible Church in Dunmore, PA to Gulfport to help with Hurricane Katrina relief. We partnered with Forrest Heights Missionary Baptist Church, a church in Gulfport. We helped people in the church replace roofs, hang drywall, rip up tile, and haul trash to the curb. Things sure look a lot better than when we were there, but it's still obvious a hurricane ripped through there. Katrina was one mean lady and empty lots are more common along the beach than beautiful homes are. All that's left of this church are the front steps and the steeple.

The next day was an easy drive to Destin, FL. The beaches there are sugar white and absolutely beautiful. We didn't see much of the beaches though because our planned beach walk the next morning was rained out! We drove into a massive rain storm that took a lot of concentration to drive through. It's a long ways from Destin, FL to Sebring, FL and we were in the car about 9 hours that day.

Now we are enjoying a couple of weeks with my parents....warmth, a pool, and a chance to catch up on some correspondence and other projects.