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The First Week of an Eight-week Trip

August 13 we left our home in PA in the good hands of a mouse that was still on the loose and that refused to be caught before we left. I just hope he has brought his wife and 10 kids in by the time we get back!

We had a great weekend with Suzanne during her Getting Started weekend. They have a lot of good sessions for both students and parents....some sessions together and some separate. We kept busy all day on both Friday and Saturday and walked what felt like miles around campus. Suzanne has a nice room. It's not huge, by any means, but it's not bad. How do you like the Songhai blanket she has on her bed (top bunk)? She wisely didn't take everything she would have been hard to find a place for everthing.

Cedarville has a beautiful campus. This is the Dixon Ministry Center where daily chapel sessions are held.
This is the Stevens Student Center which houses the cafeteria, the post office, the theatre where they do plays, and numerous offices. It is pretty much the place where everybody hangs out.
One of the newest buildings is the Bible building (can't remember what it's called). It is really beautiful.
It's really nice to know that Daniel is also there with Suzanne. He can show her all the ropes, plus it's a lot less lonely with your brother or sister around! It's hard to say good-bye to them, but we know they are at a good school and that they will do well there. It's also nice that my sister is working at Cedarville.

From Cedarville, we drove through the cornfields and soybean fields surrounding Cedarville. We stopped in northern Ohio and stayed with friends....and saw more cornfields and soybean fields. Then up into Michigan and more fields....Michigan is obviously hurting financially.
We visited my aunt and cousin and her family in Grand Rapids, which looks a lot better than southern MI. Then we stayed a night with missionary friends near Lansing. We had been in French study with them back in 1986. Then we went to visit other friends who live near Lansing. And then down to Indiana where we visited another aunt. We've had a good time so far!
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