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Whenever we are in CT our friend and supporter, Mark, takes us sailing on his boat. It is always so much fun. This time was fun, but it was very different! Normally it has been sunny and warm when he has taken us, but this time it was rainy and downright cold. There was great wind, though, and that's always a good thing when you're sailing!

We started out wearing sweatersand Daniel was just wearing a t-shirt. But there was a bit of sun at that moment.

Then the kids ended up below deck to get out of the wind.By then Daniel had donned a jacket. Then it started to rain, so we went into the lee of an island, dropped anchor and had our lunch. Don't worry, it's just root beer.

Then we tried sailing some more. Mark didn't want to go out too far because of the weather. It wasn't a violent storm or anything, but it was hard to tell what was coming.
You can't tell, but by now I am wearing a fleece jacket and a sweater.

Next came the wool blanket. Both Suzanne and I ended up under the blanket.

By then it was raining pretty good and Mark found rain slickers for all of us. So by the end I was wearing a fleece jacket, a sweater, a wool blanket, and a slicker.

Kudos to all the New England fisherman who work in these conditions and worse all the time! It was definitely a day to remember, but I hope the next time is warm and sunny!
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