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A Fun Weekend

Daniel and Suzanne are working at Camp Ladore this summer (see here). Normally camp runs from Wednesday morning to Monday morning, so they get Monday afternoon and Tuesday off and return to camp Tuesday evening. They are both working as counselors there. They work long hard hours with some pretty needy kids. But they are doing well and making friends with other staff. Many of the staff come from overseas, especially England, Australia, and New Zealand.

This past weekend was a long weekend off for them. They had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off. The staff members from overseas stay at camp all summer, but on the long weekend they have to leave the camp so that the directors also get a true break. So Daniel and Suzanne brought three other counselors home with them. One is from Sweden, one from England, and one grew up in NY City but is currently from Lancaster.

Unbeknownst to Suzanne, her former roommate from Sahel also came down for a visit. She and her sister, who brought her, ran and hid in the closet in Suzanne's room. When Suzanne walked in and they jumped out, she started screaming, she was so excited. It was a lot of fun to see them get together again! I didn't get the camera out in time to film the actual reunion, but here they are only moments later.

The girls and I went shopping one day while the guys went to a movie. The next day the whole crew of them went shopping. They watched videos, went for walks, played football (aka soccer), swam in the pond (including once at night), slept in and took naps, and ate my delicious food ("Just like my Grandma's"....what a nice compliment! :)). They also spent a lot of time on computers looking at facebook, catching up on email, and playing computer games. They even helped wash dishes. It was a lot of fun having them around. Joy went home Tuesday afternoon and the rest of them went back to camp Tuesday evening. John made a trip to CT on Monday and is still gone, so it is awfully quiet around here. We'll be getting more company on the weekend, so that will be nice!
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