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Another Wedding

John's nephew, Caleb DeValve, was married on June 20. This is the 2nd wedding we've attended in a month and wow, what a contrast the two were. Each were beautiful and meaningful in their own ways, but they can't be compared and so I won't even try.

As soon as we got to the USA, Suzanne and I had to go shopping for something to wear. Suz bought the first dress she tried on. It fit her perfectly and was gorgeous on her. Mine wasn't so easy....I tried on a lot of different dresses and all fit weirdly in some way or another. Then I got rushed because I knew we were supposed to meet John back at a certain door at a set time....and that is when I found the right dress. I quickly found shoes which actually turned out to be comfortable even though they are dressy.

Also staying at my parents-in-law's house was Dave (John's brother) and Debbie and their four kids. About half an hour before the wedding Jim (another brother) and Beth Anne and their three sons and two girlfriends arrived from New Jersey. They needed to get changed and freshened up. We all managed to get ready in time...17 people in two bathrooms! It's probably a good thing that Suzanne spent the night at a friend's house and got ready there! John and his youngest brother look a lot. Nobody could doubt that they are brothers! So it got quite a reaction when they both appeared in the living room dressed almost the same.Here we are at the church before the ceremony.

We didn't know any of the bridesmaids but three of the four groomsmen were our nephews. My pictures of the ceremony didn't turn out very well because we couldn't use flash and the lighting was confusing my camera, so most of the pictures turned out blurry. They asked Grandpa (my father-in-law) to do the ceremony.It was possibly the shortest ceremony I have ever seen, but it was very nice and certainly had all the essential elements in it! (The longest I've ever been to was one in Niamey that was over two hours long!!)

The reception was at a beautiful country club. Here are Caleb and Keri during the bridal dance. The Bible says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing. Caleb has been blessed with a girl who is beautiful from the inside out. I think he looks pretty happy about it!

The best man was the groom's youngest brother. He is 16, I think, but his toast to the bride and groom was great. He used it to not only honor his brother but also to honor Jesus Christ.

I always get a bit teary-eyed when the bride dances with her father. The daughter/dad relationship is just something really special. The mother/son dance was also beautiful. My sister-in-law has been such a fantastic mother to her four sons and it has paid off.

Here are a few more fun shots from the reception:

Suzanne and three of her friends....two of them are dating DeValve boys. She got to know them because she and Daniel spent most of our week in CT over at the groom's family house.

The groomsmen (from left to right) Jacob, Seth, and Levi called their grandpa up to sing Happy Birthday to him. On his 79th brithday he had the privilege of performing the wedding ceremony of his oldest grandchild.

The groom's brothers: Seth, Levi, and Jacob (from left to right)

The food was really good (especially the hors d'oeurvres!) The cake was also beautiful. It was a true fairy-tale wedding.

If you know Caleb and Keri and would like to see the official professional photos, they can be seen here.