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Another Wedding

John's nephew, Caleb DeValve, was married on June 20. This is the 2nd wedding we've attended in a month and wow, what a contrast the two were. Each were beautiful and meaningful in their own ways, but they can't be compared and so I won't even try.

As soon as we got to the USA, Suzanne and I had to go shopping for something to wear. Suz bought the first dress she tried on. It fit her perfectly and was gorgeous on her. Mine wasn't so easy....I tried on a lot of different dresses and all fit weirdly in some way or another. Then I got rushed because I knew we were supposed to meet John back at a certain door at a set time....and that is when I found the right dress. I quickly found shoes which actually turned out to be comfortable even though they are dressy.

Also staying at my parents-in-law's house was Dave (John's brother) and Debbie and their four kids. About half an hour before the wedding Jim (another brother) and Beth Anne and their three sons and…

Suzanne's Graduation

We are now in the USA. So much has already happened and the climate is so different that what happened just a few weeks ago in Niger seems so long ago and so far away. But it is time to take a short trip back in time and update you on Suzanne's graduation.

First, there was the junior/senior banquet. Because Sahel is such a small school, the banquet is for juniors, seniors, seniors' families, and school staff. It is a celebration of their accomplishments and a time to think about the future. There were ten in this year's graduating class...Sahel's largest graduating class ever! The banquet was held at a pretty nice hotel that overlooks the Niger River. In addition to lots of food, there was a program to honor the seniors. The juniors sang a song to them and had prophecies of what would happen in their lives. Suzanne's involved being a soccer player and marrying the coach and then being a missionary teacher. The parents also had a song....our last chance to e…

A Wedding

Can you imagine if you were the first in your family or in your town to buck tradition and do things a new way? I'm talking about things that just aren't negotiable. That would take a certain amount of courage and bravery, don't you think? You would really need to be convicted that what you are doing is right and that it is something that God would want you to do.

Recently we attended a wedding that was the first Christian wedding to take place in that area. There are other Christian marriages, but the couples were either not Christians when they married or they were married outside that area. To make things even more interesting, the bride and groom had never even seen a Christian wedding. It's possible the groom had seen a western-style wedding on TV or video as he has done a fair bit of traveling. But keep in mind that their village doesn't even have electricity so they have seen little TV in their lives.

So how do you do a Christian marriage that is defini…

CSEN Community Service

A lot of things have happened in the past few weeks. I hardly know where to begin, so I'll start with the community service team I'm on. We still don't have internet back at our house, so I'm doing this from the office.

It has been my privilege this year to drive a group of high schoolers to the children's home. We call it "the orphanage", but the children there aren't orphans in the strictest sense. They are children at risk either from poverty, abuse, or neglect and CSEN provides a safe home for them. There they are fed, clothed, taught, and kept off the streets. Best of all, they learn about Jesus.(Daniel and Trae unintentionally dressed in almost the same shirt. They are both wearing #22 for Kaka, a Brazilian Christian football (soccer to the Americans) player.)

The Sahel students go once a week to play with the kids there. I provide transport, but I enjoy being with the kids, too. So the last day of our time with the kids, instead of going…

Life is a Whirlwind!

Life is a whirlwind of activity right now. I have tons of things to blog about, but the internet has been down at our house for five days and counting. Not only that, I just don't have time to post anything. So, I'll be back soon....and when I am I'll have to post every day for a week to let you know what all has been happening!