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First, let it be known that it is 109 degrees in the shade and the power is OFF!!!! You know those warnings you get back in the US in the summer when it is hot and they tell you to stay home where it is cool because it is dangerous to go outside? (We always laugh when we hear those!) I think they forgot to warn us here today!

My main project for now is working on a scrapbook for Suzanne. I enjoy putting together the story of her life in pictures for her to have as a memory and to show her friends at college so they can understand a bit of who she is and where she's coming from. I did one for Daniel, too. In fact for both of them it will be more than one book.

While I enjoy doing this project, it's not without its frustrations. One is that I don't have a place to just spread out and keep it there and come back to it to work on it whenever I have a minute or two. So it's kind of a big production to pull it out every time I want to work. Although I have taken to leaving it stacked up on the end of the dining room table. Fortunately there are usually only three of us for supper! But Daniel is coming. Since we have a small table, I'll need the whole table while he is here. Yikes.

The 2nd frustration has to do with printing the pictures. Ink cartridges just don't last out here. The heat and dryness mess them up, so we keep them in the freezer, but even then it seems like only every other cartridge has the right amount of ink and color in them. I'll put a brand new ink cartridge in and all the pictures come out purple or yellow. Or I'll put one in and it just doesn't work at all. On Sunday I went through three cartridges before the system worked properly!

I could do an email picture order through Walmart or some place like that, but they wouldn't mail them out here! And I wasn't organized enough to order them and have them sent to Daniel. Plus which it takes a long time to upload one picture.

Another problem is one of my own making. In all honesty I'd rather work with photoshop than scrapbooking, so I get distracted with playing too much with pictures when I could just use them the way they are.

And then there are the power outages. Like right now, I can use the laptop until the battery dies and the internet wireless is on battery back-up. But I can't print anything.

I guess it is true that you have a greater appreciation for the things you have to work hard to get. So, I keep working away and know that it will be worth it. Memories are important, especially as Suzanne ends this chapter of her life and God begins writing for her a new chapter. As with all books, we are in suspense as to what the author has planned next for her.
(Although, as The Sacred Romance reminds us, God is not only the author, but the main character. He is romancing her and wooing her to himself and it is exciting to see her responding to His love for her!)

Since there's no power, I guess I'd better go and arrange some more pages and glue some things in!