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Suzy's Birthday

Suzanne turned 18 on May 22nd. A fellow student, Rufus, celebrated his 17th birthday on May 23rd. Since he lives in the dorm, we threw a party for the two of them together. The high school is small so the kids do a lot where everybody is invited and the kids are so busy it would be difficult to have two parties in one weekend.

We invited the 11th and 12th grade classes to go with us to the sand dunes outside of town. I spent the day fixing food: tzatziki, maccaroni salad, cupcakes with four colors of frosting, and baked beans. I also had to make a trip to the store and make sure the Cokes were cold.

We borrowed a fellow missionary family's car and piled everybody into their vehicle and ours. Here in Niger people can ride in the bed of pick-up trucks, so we had plenty of room for the 17 who went. We parked our vehicles at the bottom of a hill....we discovered we probably could have driven a little farther up. At any rate, we hauled the coolers of sodas and food and other par…

It's Hot!

Over all, Niger is a pretty hot place to live. In December the nights get down in the 50's and we call it cold. But if every month is "hot", May has to exceed them all on the misery scale. Even the Nigeriens are miserably hot and the favorite greeting after the usual, "How are you?" is "How is the heat?" The response is that it's really hot or a resigned, "It's the season for it."

Right now it is 5:20 p.m. and it is 108 degrees according to the internet. I'm guessing it was over 110 at the heat of the day. And this morning when I got up at 5 a.m., the internet said it was 90 degrees. As you can see, it never gets truly cool during the month of May.

Butter that you forgot to put back in the fridge when you went to church is a liquid blob when you come back three hours later.
Birthday candles refuse to stand up straight. (Notice the two candles under "Happy" on our friend Mike's birthday cake.)

Overhead fans move …

Party Time!

This has been the week for parties! Maybe it's what keeps us going in the heat.

On Wednesday, the ladies from the office went out for lunch together. Two of the ladies couldn't go, but there were five of us. Until recently the men have far outnumbered the women, so it was nice that we are increasing in number! (A year ago it was Linda, Ouma and me.) On the left of the table from left to right are Linda, Ouma, and Ruth. They all work in treasury. Linda actually works in Projects, but she has been helping out in treasury. Beka on the right side of the table runs the guest house in the absence of the usual guest house hostess, but starting this summer she will switch to being the director's administrative assistant. I really appreciate being able to work with each of these ladies. Ouma enjoyed it so much. She said it was the first time the ladies of the office had all gone out together for lunch so I said we'd have to make it a tradition!

Thursday John brought a c…


First, let it be known that it is 109 degrees in the shade and the power is OFF!!!! You know those warnings you get back in the US in the summer when it is hot and they tell you to stay home where it is cool because it is dangerous to go outside? (We always laugh when we hear those!) I think they forgot to warn us here today!

My main project for now is working on a scrapbook for Suzanne. I enjoy putting together the story of her life in pictures for her to have as a memory and to show her friends at college so they can understand a bit of who she is and where she's coming from. I did one for Daniel, too. In fact for both of them it will be more than one book.

While I enjoy doing this project, it's not without its frustrations. One is that I don't have a place to just spread out and keep it there and come back to it to work on it whenever I have a minute or two. So it's kind of a big production to pull it out every time I want to work. Although I have taken to le…