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Empty-Nestin' It

As you know, Daniel is in the US and is a sophomore at Cedarville University. We haven't seen him for almost two years and we have really missed him.

Suzanne has also been gone on her spring break for three weeks now. She went first with her friend and former roommate, Tam, to Ghana where Tam's parents work with SIM. They took the bus down. The first day they traveled with a Beninois school-mate and it took them about 17 1/2 hours to get from here to Cotonou, Benin. The bus didn't have any air conditioning, so you can imagine how exhausting the trip must have been. Rufus' family kindly took them in for the night and got them on the bus a day later for their trip on to Accra. That was another long, hot day and Tam and Suz didn't even get to sit together on the bus. This picture is taken during a trip to a beach resort that Suz visited with Tam's family.

They spent two weeks together in Ghana and then they traveled back to Cotonou by bus to join the rest of the senior class there for their senior trip. They are stayed at the Hotel Bel Azur and you can visit their web-site at It's in French, but you can at least look at the pictures. I don't know if they are staying in these bungalows or in the hotel.

So how has it been to be empty-nesters? Well, I love having my kids around, so I can't say I really enjoy it. But the three weeks with no kids hasn't been too bad. I mean, only boring people get bored, right? But now I'm so excited because Suzanne is coming home today!!!!! And Daniel is coming on May 9!!!!!! Then we'll have three and a half months together as a family before both Daniel and Suzanne head off to Cedarville University. At least we'll be in the US for awhile and not so far away from them!
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